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Economic policy
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Fact Check: Is Labor's economic plan the most comprehensive in living memory?

Shadow treasurer Chris Bowen claimed Labor's 10-year plan for Australia's economy was the most comprehensive economic plan an opposition had released in living memory.
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Fact Check: Did the SA economy go backwards last year?

South Australian Liberal Opposition Leader Steven Marshall claims the state's economy contracted in 2012-2013. But Premier Jay Weatherill claims the state's economy grew in the year to November. Who was right?
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Fact Check Analysis: The Coalition wants you to believe the force is strong in the economy, but is it?

Australia was one of a tiny handful of countries that weathered the global financial crisis, notching positive annual growth throughout. But how it is faring now is subject to debate.

Systemic thinking for policy making

This publication summarises joint work by members of IIASA and OECD on how systems thinking can improve policymaking. It focuses on four main areas of mutual interest; new economic paradigms, approaches and methodologies; the environment and sustainable development; social and economic change; and systemic risk...
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China’s macroeconomic policy trifecta and challenges to the governance of the global trading system

This paper offers recommendations on the policies that China might pursue to achieve its macroeconomic goals and step up to take a leadership role in World Trade Organization (WTO) reform.
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The unintended consequences of increasing returns to scale in geographical economics

This review of the broad economic geography literature reveals the widespread use and misuse of first generation and semi-endogenous growth techniques.

China’s economic choices: where to from here?

China’s economic growth has fallen to its slowest rate since 1990, and this deceleration looks set to continue. This paper argues that to reverse this trend, China will need a wide-ranging policy approach that mimics the policies implemented by Japan and Korea at a similar...

Mid-year economic and fiscal outlook 2019-20

The Mid-Year Economic and Fiscal Outlook 2019-20 (MYEFO) has been prepared in accordance with the Charter of Budget Honesty Act 1998. The Charter requires that the government provide a mid-year budget report which provides updated information on the Australian government’s fiscal position.

Can government policies that drive strong economic outcomes for the private sector alleviate poverty?

This paper discusses how the adoption of pro-growth policies tends to result in lower levels of poverty, especially through opportunities for job creation. In particular, the paper calls for policies that promote greater access to credit and the protection of minority investors, in order to...
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Bailout for business in a no-deal Brexit

As efforts to reach a withdrawal agreement with the EU reach a crescendo, government and business are also preparing frantically for the prospect of a no-deal Brexit. This report discusses the variety of harms that the government may want to address, and highlights some of...