Physicians (General practice)

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General practitioners

Coordination of health care: experiences of barriers to accessing health services among patients aged 45 and over (2016)

Having timely access to health-care professionals when a person needs it is crucial to preventing, treating and managing health conditions. This report looks at the associations between selected patient characteristics and self-reported experiences of barriers to accessing GPs and specialists.

Realising the neighbourhood NHS: delivering a new deal for primary care in England

This paper fulfils IPPR’s objective to advance physical health, by providing new evidence and ideas to improve the provision of primary and community care.

Social prescribing roundtable November 2019: report

This report outlines the arguments for a strategic and systematic approach to incorporating social prescribing into the Australian healthcare system, starting in primary care. The recommendations in this report have been synthesised and derived from expert discussions and reflect a shared desire to see a...

Quality improvement in general practice: what do GPs and practice managers think?

This report explores the level of quality improvement awareness, appetite and activity in general practice across the United Kingdom.

Interfaces between the aged care and health systems in Australia—first results

People using aged care also use health care services. This report presents the first results from a project that linked data across aged care and health care services. These examine how people’s use of GPs and specialists, patterns of prescriptions dispensed to them, and their...
Policy report

Strong futures: strengthening the path to Fellowship for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander medical graduates

Strong futures was a joint research between AIDA and James Cook University (JCU) that aimed to explore the journeys of these individuals to improve their career and fellowship opportunities and to inform key stakeholders on practices to better support Indigenous trainees in Specialist training.
Position paper

Vision for general practice and a sustainable healthcare system

This document outlines a model of care that aims to address many of Australia’s longstanding healthcare challenges. The strategy has been developed by specialist general practitioners (GPs) – the health professionals with the unique dual roles of providing whole-person care over time, and acting as...

Coordination of health care: experiences of information sharing between providers for patients aged 45 and over - 2016

Safe and high-quality health care depends on the sharing of health information between health-care providers. This report looks at gaps in information sharing between providers, using the 2016 Survey of Health Care.

Coordination of health care: experiences with GP care among patients aged 45 and over - 2016

The first Coordination of Health Care Study results are available at the Primary Health Network area level for patients aged 45 and over, showing variation in experiences of care received from their usual GP or in their usual place of care in 2015–16.
Briefing paper

Understanding primary care networks

This briefing places Primary Care Networks (PCNs) in the context of previous changes to general practice funding and contracting. It examines the rationale for networks, explores relevant evidence and draws out intended benefits and possible risks for the future of PCNs.