Drug abuse treatment

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Drug treatment

Alcohol and other drug treatment services in Australia 2018–19

Alcohol and other drug (AOD) treatment services across Australia provide a broad range of treatment services and support to people who use alcohol or drugs, and to their families and friends. This report presents information for 2018–19 about publicly funded AOD treatment service agencies, the...

A cultural security framework for Kimberley mental health/social and emotional well-being and alcohol and other drug services

This is a framework for the delivery of culturally secure mental health and alcohol and other drug services and support, which are respectful of the cultural rights and values of Aboriginal people in the Kimberley region.

Review of the medically supervised injecting room

The Victorian government is trialling a medically supervised injecting room at the North Richmond Community Health site in Melbourne. The service was established for an initial two-year trial period, which will be extended for a further three years, based on the evidence gathered in the...

Drug use, stigma and the proactive contagions to reduce both

This publication provides an analysis of evidence and research pertaining to drug use dependency impacts and models for recovery that reduce stigma.

Makin’ Tracks (2004 – 2007) summary evaluation

The evaluation strategy for the project was developed by ADAC staff members in consultation with staff from NDRI when the original project proposal was prepared.

2018 Evaluation of the Aboriginal Drug and Alcohol Council’s Makin’ Tracks program

This report documents the findings from the 2018 evaluation of the Makin’ Tracks project, operated by Aboriginal Drug and Alcohol Council (ADAC).

Needle syringe program national minimum data collection report 2019

This is the fourth annual national data report which presents national and state/territory Needle Syringe Program (NSP) data over the period 2015/16 to 2018/19.

Pre-budget submission, NSW Government 2020-21

In preparing this pre-budget submission, Uniting has drawn on their expertise and experience in delivering the social justice, community services and chaplaincy work of the NSW and ACT Synod of the Uniting Church. They identify key priorities for government investment to support disadvantaged people and...

Patterns of alcohol and other drug treatment service use in Australia, 1 July 2014 to 30 June 2018

Clients accessing alcohol and other drug treatment services across Australia commonly have multiple episodes of treatment spanning several years. This report categorises 3 client groups based on their patterns of service use between 1 July 2014 and 30 June 2018.

Alcohol and other drug treatment services in Australia 2017–18

In 2017–18, 952 publicly-funded alcohol and other drug treatment services provided just under 210,000 treatment episodes to an estimated 130,000 clients. The four most common drugs that led clients to seek treatment were alcohol, amphetamines, cannabis and heroin. Two-thirds (66%) of all clients receiving treatment...