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Support at home: response to the Department of Health and Aged Care discussion paper (October 2022)

On 25 November 2022, UARC submitted its response to the Department of Health and Aged Care's second discussion paper on the design of the new program for in-home aged care.
Policy report

Policy futures: a reform agenda

It is intended that this publication will serve to increase the accessibility of valuable evidence and experiences to policy-makers within Australia. The University of Queensland and the Winston Churchill Memorial Trust also hope that it will encourage more partnership approaches toward developing public policy that...

Australia’s Aged Care sector: full-year report 2021–22

This report 2021-22 finds that the financial performance of many aged care providers has deteriorated in the past year. It also presents new evidence about the challenges in securing a sufficiently skilled aged care workforce.

Loss of motivation in dementia: a guide for carers

This resource is for anyone who lives with, or provides care to, a person living with dementia. It was co-developed with people living with dementia, as well as carers and former carers of people with dementia, who are members of the Sydney Dementia Network-Lived Experience...

Quality Dementia Care Initiative: Action Plan 2022-23

Dementia Australia’s Quality Dementia Care Initiative: Action Plan aims to build the capacity and capability of the aged care sector to embed and improve quality care for people living with dementia, their families and carers in Australia. Dementia Australia is leading the plan in partnership...

Aged care employment: study report

It is widely recognised that there are major problems in the quality of aged care, especially in residential aged care. This report looks at whether there should be a policy to preference the direct employment of aged care workers.

Care workforce labour market study: final report

This study comes against a backdrop of a rapid rise in the number of care and support workers in recent years and represents the first, whole-of-sector examination of the care and support workforce. It considers the needs of the workforce, in relation to aged, disability...

Support at home: a commentary on the design of the proposed unified program

This paper offers a commentary on the design of the proposed unified program offers a critique of the initial framework for reforms to the delivery of in-home aged care services. It is a response to an overview paper, released by the Department of Health in...
Fact sheet

Younger people in residential aged care: progress towards government targets

This fact sheet details information about younger Australians currently living in residential aged care facilities.

Aged care market analysis 2022

This report outlines the findings from an analysis of Australia’s top 25 home care and residential aged care providers.
Journal article

Governing for quality and safety: a new province for boards of Australian aged care and disability support providers?

This article addresses the question of to what extent changes in legislation and regulatory standards in aged care and disability create new expectations of these boards and directors.

Community Visitors Scheme (CVS) national guidelines

This document outlines the aims of the Community Visitors Scheme (CVS) and sets out the roles and responsibilities of CVS auspices and network members, volunteers, aged care service providers, care recipients, the Department of Health and Aged Care and the Department of Social Services.

Duty of care: aged care sector in crisis

This paper updates the workforce projections of CEDA’s 'Duty of care' report, released in August 2021, based on the latest information and industry consultation. It finds that filling the growing shortfall in the aged care workforce is a task that is escalating each day.
Discussion paper

Sustainability of the Aged Care sector: discussion paper

This paper aims to support and promote an informed national policy debate on the sustainability of publicly subsidised aged care services in Australia. It draws on a comprehensive evidence base to outline the dimensions of the sustainability challenge.

Australia’s Aged Care sector: mid-year report 2021-22

This first edition of the Australia's Aged Care Sector report, analyses the mid-year results for the first half of the 2021-22 financial year and provides commentary on major challenges and progress on policy reforms.
Conference paper

Emerging empirical insights on the potential of green infrastructure to mitigate heat stress and improve access, inclusion, and safety in Australian aged care facilities

This paper provides emerging empirical insights on the potential of green infrastructure to mitigate heat stress and improve access, inclusion, and safety in Australian aged care facilities (ACFs). It concludes that green infrastructure offers many strategic benefits in ACFs, but these are typically overlooked in...
Briefing paper

Policy Brief: Allied health funding in residential aged care

This submission argues that the new Albanese Government must work with the allied health sector to develop a clear action plan that integrates allied health care into the residential aged care sector and implements the Royal Commission into Aged Care Quality and Safety's recommendations.
Fact sheet

Younger people in residential aged care (YPIRAC) factsheet: April 2022

This factsheet provides an update on progress towards targets set by the Australian government in November 2019.
Position paper

An agenda for government from older Australians

COTA Australia has prepared this document to describe the policy opportunities for the 47th Parliament of Australia to improve the lives of older Australians.
Briefing paper

Quality of life tools to support measurement of aged care quality

This paper argues that it is essential that Australia establish a set of long-term and comprehensive indicators of quality in aged care provision. These must not only be both realistic and attainable - they must meet public expectations for high quality, caring, person-centred aged care.

Tipping point: a plan for a shock-proof aged care system

To help guide the decisions that must be made, and make sure aged care is prepared for all the challenges of the future – not just the immediate crises we face – Anglicare Australia has developed this blueprint to transform the system and prepare it...

Migration and the future of care: supporting older people and care workers

This report analyses the intersection between the older persons’ care sector and migration. The report concludes with recommendations to policy-makers in high-income, rapidly ageing countries that are struggling with these issues.

Careless on accountability: is federal aged care funding siphoned away?

This report provides several case studies of large Australian aged care operators that demonstrate the urgent need for government reforms to require transparency and public accountability on federal aged care funding.
Discussion paper

Indirect employment in aged care: issues paper

The Productivity Commission has commenced a study into employment models in aged care, and the effects that policies and procedures to preference the direct employment of aged care workers would have on the sector. The Commission has released this issues paper to guide people in...

"Care that is right for me": A resource for working with aged care consumers

As part of its responsibilities for protecting and enhancing the safety, health, well-being and quality of life of aged care consumers, the Aged Care Quality and Safety Commission (the Commission) has identified and developed a range of best practice strategies and tools for providers of...