Death rate
Mortality rate

Cause of death patterns and people’s use of aged care: a Pathways in Aged Care analysis of 2012–14 death statistics

Nearly 245,000 older people died between July 2012 and June 2014. This report presents information on the cause of death patterns and any aged care services they used before their death. This is the first time this analysis has been done in Australia.

Maternal deaths in Australia 2012–2014

The maternal mortality rate in Australia in 2012–2014 was 6.8 deaths per 100,000 women giving birth, which is among the lowest rates in the world.

Life before death: improving palliative care for older Australians

Several myths undermine the broader benefits that good palliative care can provide for patients.

Voluntary Assisted Dying Bill 2017

This resource provides the context and the foundation for the Voluntary Assisted Dying Bill 2017.

Trends in injury deaths, Australia 1999–00 to 2011–12

This report describes trends in the occurrence of injury deaths in Australia from 1 July 1999 to 30 June 2012 and provides a summary of injury deaths in 2011–12. The information is based on all causes of death recorded on death certificates.

Accidental drug-induced deaths due to opioids in Australia, 2013

Just under 600 Australians between the ages of 15 and 54 died from accidental overdose of opioids, with the majority (70 per cent) being due to opioids other than heroin, including strong prescription painkillers.

Euthanasia and assisted suicide

With a draft Voluntary Assisted Dying Bill 2017 released in NSW in May, this paper outlines recent developments and studies in countries that allow euthanasia and assisted suicide.
Journal article

Premature deaths of nursing home residents: an epidemiological analysis

This study finds that the incidence of premature and potentially preventable deaths of nursing home residents has increased over the past decade, and that a national policy framework is needed to reduce the incidence of premature deaths among Australians living in nursing homes.

Death sentences and executions 2016

This in-depth investigation by Amnesty International reports that the Chinese authorities continue to enforce an elaborate secrecy system to obscure the shocking scale of executions in the country, despite repeated claims it is making progress towards judicial transparency.

Palliative care action plan

Executive summary New Zealand’s population is ageing and an increasing number of people are living longer. All sectors recognise the imperative to prepare for these trends. In the health sector, our system needs to change to meet the growing demand for palliative care, which is...