Gun control

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Fact Check: Where do Australians get illegal guns?

Nationals Senator Bridget McKenzie claims most guns used in crime are illegally imported rather than coming from licensed owners.
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Fact Check: Have firearm homicides and suicides dropped since Port Arthur as a result of John Howard's reforms?

Nearly twenty years after the Port Arthur massacre, John Howard, the prime minister who overhauled gun laws, claims they led to significant falls in gun-related homicides and a 74 per cent fall in gun-related suicide rates.
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Fact Check: Did Labor oppose the Government's attempts to strengthen Australia's gun laws?

Attorney-General Christian Porter claims that the Government has twice tried to pass increased penalties and mandatory minimum penalties for gun traffickers, but they were opposed by Labor.
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Fact Check: Bob Katter wrong on number of gun deaths after Port Arthur

Katter's Australian Party leader Bob Katter claims gun-related deaths rose after the introduction of John Howard's National Firearms Agreement in 1996.

Implementing the firearms buy-back and amnesty scheme

As part of its response to the Christchurch mosque attacks, the New Zealand Parliament introduced a firearms buy-back and amnesty scheme. This report examines how effectively and efficiently the Police implemented the scheme.
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Firearms Prohibition Orders: public consultation document

Tougher gun laws, designed to improve public safety through Firearms Prohibition Orders, are proposed in this document released for public input.

Could this be a tipping point for gun control?

Timing might mean this month’s shootings have more impact than usual, writes Lesley Russell.

The ‘perfect storm’ of gun control: from policy inertia to world leader

Australian firearm policy had altered very little in 65 years prior to the 1990s. However, the events in April 1996 precipitated 12 days that dramatically changed national firearm legislation. Thirty-five people were killed when a gunman opened fire at the Port Arthur Historic Site in...

Policy: Firearms

The Commonwealth Government has no Constitutional authority for the legislation and regulation of firearms laws other than those which apply to the Customs Act. Our firearms policies, Federal and State, should be based on one fact - criminals do not obey the law. As such...

PM statement on Christchurch mosques terror attack - 21 March

This speech announces the New Zealand Government's new firearm policy to ban all military style semi-automatic weapons, assault rifles, high capacity magazines and parts with the ability to convert semi-automatic or any other type of firearm into a military style semi-automatic weapon.