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Fact Check: Can Australia become the world's leading LNG exporter?

Industry Minister Ian Macfarlane claims Australia is set to become the world's second largest or largest exporter of LNG.
Fact sheet

Fact Check Analysis: Should Australia's fossil fuel exports be counted in its share of global carbon emissions?

Some say Australia is doing its fair share to tackle climate change, given it accounts for just 1.3 per cent of global carbon dioxide emissions. Depending on the accounting method, however, that number could be much higher.
Briefing paper

COVID-19 crisis response and positioning for recovery: insights from exporters

This paper outlines key themes and points of interest related to crisis response and positioning for recovery. Topics include people and leadership, financial resilience, supply chain, market access and scenario planning.

Trade and assistance review 2018-19

This review contains the Commission's latest quantitative estimates of Australian government assistance to industry and an outline of recent developments in industry assistance and trade policy that may affect assistance estimates in future years.
Policy report

Western Australia and India: the need for a state strategy to recover and grow the economic relationship

This publication discusses how deeper economic ties with India will help ensure Western Australia remains connected into the corridors of regional and global growth.

Australia's export exposure to China's coronavirus epidemic

This paper estimates the direct and immediate effects of the coronavirus epidemic on the revenues of Australia’s major export industries. It breaks down Australia’s exports to China across 18 major industry groups, including both goods and services exports.
Discussion paper

Enough scope: coal mines, scope 3 emissions and NSW climate policy

This research from the Australia Institute shows that the New South Wales government’s attempts to force planners to ignore the carbon emissions of the state’s coal exports contradicts NSW climate policy, the Paris Agreement, corporate expectations and economic opportunities for growth.
Discussion paper

Middle East sheep exports policy options discussion paper

The Department of Agriculture is conducting a Regulation Impact Statement (RIS) process to analyse the economic and regulatory impacts of policy options for the future regulation of live sheep exports to, or through, the Middle East. This discussion paper outlines some initial policy option ideas.

Rare earths: is there a case for government intervention?

Rare earths — a set of 17 metal elements — have a wide range of high technology applications. This report argues that any attempt by China to impose an export embargo on rare earths or downstream products would be the catalyst for the development of...
Briefing paper

Coal calling: selling new coal mines to Tasmania

Several market and physical challenges exist for a new proposed coal development in Tasmania’s southern midlands, according to this briefing paper released by the Australia Institute.