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We nurture our culture for our future, and our culture nurtures us

When Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people are in control of the decisions that affect their lives, they have better health and wellbeing. This report calls on governments and policy makers to adopt the changes needed to support Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander self-determination and...

SVA Perspectives: First Australians

SVA have developed an evidence-informed perspective on the actions required to achieve reconciliation, underpinned by identified drivers of better outcomes for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

Reimagining public administration: First Peoples, governance and new paradigms - post conference report

The stories, experiences and wisdom we heard from speakers and delegates at the 2019 conference will form a foundation through which ANZSOG will continue its journey to improve the representation of First Peoples’ knowledge, wisdom and experiences in the work we do in our core...
Journal article

Well-being and mental health interventions for Indigenous people in prison: systematic review

This article finds that there is no high-quality evidence on the impact on mental health and well-being from interventions specifically for Indigenous prisoners, although existing studies suggest programme features that may maximise acceptability and impact. The authors argue that there is a moral, social and...

Indigenous data sovereignty: retooling Indigenous resurgence for development

This paper focuses on the historical contexts, including the triggers and the processes, behind the growing relevance of Indigenous data sovereignty as a critical tool to advance the Indigenous vision of self-determined development as part of the logic of broader self-determination.

Indigenous peoples and traditional knowledge in the context of the UN framework convention on climate change

This text compilation offers a useful tool for all actors involved in climate policies and climate actions, including governments, private corporations, and financial institutions. It lists all of the references to Indigenous Peoples and traditional knowledge adopted by the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change...

“This is the next East Timor”

As Indonesia tightens its grip on West Papua, Pacific nations are pushing for a negotiated solution.

Rainforest Mafias: how violence and impunity fuel deforestation in Brazil’s Amazon

This report documents how illegal logging by criminal networks and resulting forest fires are connected to acts of violence and intimidation against forest defenders and the Brazilian state’s failure to investigate and prosecute these crimes.
Discussion paper

Canada–Australia Indigenous health and wellness racism working group

This discussion paper was commissioned by the Canada-Australia Indigenous Health and Wellness Working Group. The aim of the Working Group is to identify priorities related to Indigenous health and wellbeing for bi-national collaboration and action.

How can evaluation better recognise Indigenous self-determination?

This article examines the evaluation of policies and programs affecting Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.