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Fact Check: Anthony Albanese says Australia's real wages have 'flatlined' for eight years. Is he correct?

After being overly optimistic with its wage forecasts for years, Federal Treasury is now, according to Labor, predicting that real wages will fall. RMIT ABC Fact Check investigates. The verdict: Mr Albanese is close to the mark.
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Fact Check: Adam Bandt says house prices are rising by $1,200 a day. Is he correct?

In a July 30 tweet, Greens leader Adam Bandt claimed house prices are rising by $1,200 a day, warning that younger workers have been locked out. Is it correct that house prices are rising by $1,200 a day? RMIT ABC Fact Check investigates.
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Fact Check: Labor says wages fell 2.1 per cent over the year to June 2021, the 'fastest drop in 20 years'. Is that correct?

Wages growth in Australia has been sluggish for years, well before the coronavirus pandemic hit the economy. In a Facebook post, Federal Labor claimed that "under Scott Morrison real wages have fallen 2.1 per cent in 12 months, the fastest drop in wages in 20...
Policy report

The MMT hoax

Economic history teaches us that sharply deteriorating macroeconomic conditions create a vacuum for alternative policy-oriented frameworks to emerge. This paper evaluates the macroeconomic worth of Modern Monetary Theory (MMT) and concludes that adhering to the policy prescriptions of MMT would lead to disastrous macroeconomic consequences...
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Fact Check: Josh Frydenberg told Q&A the minimum wage has been growing at a faster rate than inflation and the average wage. Is he correct?

Treasurer Josh Frydenberg claims that workers on the minimum wage have fared better under the Coalition than when Labor was last in government.
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Fact Check: Have wages grown steadily and outstripped inflation over the past decade?

Jobs and Industrial Relations Minister Kelly O'Dwyer claims that wages have grown steadily over the past decade, rising by 30 per cent and outstripping inflation at 20 per cent.
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Fact Check: Bill Shorten says everything is going up except your wages. Is he correct?

In the first leaders' debate of the 2019 election, Opposition Leader Bill Shorten has claimed wages growth under the Coalition is at record lows while living costs are rising across the board.

Victorian economic snapshot 2020

This publication provides a multi-perspective and historical overview of the Victorian economy. It is largely based on the most recent release of economic data published by the Australian Bureau of Statistics, covering the 2018/19 financial year.
Working paper

Inflation variability across Australian households: implications for inequality and indexation policy

This paper considers the inflation experience of Australian households in different parts of the income distribution.
Discussion paper

Credit spreads, monetary policy and the price puzzle

Identifying the causal effect of monetary policy on inflation remains a challenge. Researchers frequently find evidence of a ‘price puzzle’: increases in the policy rate are followed by higher rather than lower inflation.

Tolerate unemployment, but blame the unemployed

For the last generation, macroeconomic policy in Australia has been based on the assumption that unemployment must be maintained at a certain minimum level in order to restrain wages and prevent an outbreak of accelerating inflation. Now, after six years of record-low wage growth, this...

Consensus forecasts: continued growth across the economy

Introduction: The New Zealand economy will grow strongly over the next couple of years, according to the latest NZIER Consensus Forecasts. Economic growth will pick up from 2.9% in the March 2014 year to 3.6% the following year. Exports this year were depressed by a...