Framing the Islands

This book tells the story of power and diplomatic agency in Pacific regionalism, against the backdrop of a changing global order and a changing political situation within Pacific societies and states.

New Caledonia’s independence referendum: local and regional implications

This paper looks at the historical context of the forthcoming referendums, the first referendum outcome and next steps in New Caledonia’s self-determination process. It also examines the upcoming provincial elections and how they might determine the political balance for negotiating future governance beyond the Noumea...
Working paper

Empire, Islam and the postcolonial

One of the most persistent criticisms of postcolonialism is that it promotes an antipathy to imperialism that tends to focus on the experience of European colonial empires and neglects other, non-western instances of imperial hubris. The articulation of Islam and empire has not been subject...
Conference paper

Reorienting the world: with or without Africa

This paper argues that Westphalian sovereignty was crucial in placing Africa on the periphery of the world order and focuses on Africa's resistance to that marginalisation. Dr Kwame Nimako teaches international relations at the Graduate School of Social Sciences, University of Amsterdam. He is the...
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This paper was presented as part of Rethinking the Postcolonial in the Age of the War on Terror joint symposium, by the MnM Centre in conjunction with the UNESCO Chair in Transnational Diasporas and Reconciliation Studies, at the University of South Australia, on 16 and...
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Re-orienting the postcolonial: responding to the South, working in the North

Taking bearings from critical currents of thought in south Asia and black Africa and beyond, this paper discusses some of the differences in how postcolonialism is read from place to place in the light of local politics and culture. The paper makes a case for...

Mohamed Merah and I

On 13 July 1998 I went to sleep as myself and woke up as Zinedine Zidane. It was the day after the victory of the French national football team. And yet, I am not a football player. On 21 March 2012 I went to bed...