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Compendium of Global Environmental Constitutionalism: selected cases and materials

This document is associated with the Global judicial handbook on environmental constitutionalism. It contains leading cases (edited) and constitutional provisions from around the globe, as well as reference materials, and a selected bibliography.

Global judicial handbook on environmental constitutionalism

This handbook is designed to provide jurists with an overview of environmental constitutionalism: to address what it is, the peculiar practical and procedural issues it presents, and how courts from around the globe have engaged it.

Policy initiative: Your charter, your rights

Embedding basic rights and freedoms for all Australians. Australia is the only western democracy that does not protect the basic rights and freedoms of its people in either legislation or the constitution. So many of our freedoms have been hard won, and others are still...

Looking forward to constitutional reform by looking back at Uluru

The Uluru Statement’s plan for an Indigenous Voice should be put to a vote as soon as possible, argues Gabrielle Appleby.

The future of the First Amendment: 2018 survey of high school students and teachers

High school student support in the United States for First Amendment freedoms remains high, relative to historical levels of support in prior iterations of this survey.

Office of profit under the Crown

This research examines the concept of 'office of profit under the Crown’.

Recognising Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples in the Constitution: report of the expert panel

Current multiparty support has created a historic opportunity to recognise Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples as the first peoples of Australia, to affirm their full and equal citizenship, and to remove the last vestiges of racial discrimination from the Constitution. The Expert Panel was...
Policy report

Defending the dual citizen ban

This paper looks at how section 44 has been interpreted by the High Court and whether it remains relevant in the modern world. It also examines proposals for reform and whether there is any merit in modifying or deleting the section through a referendum.

Yes, section 44 can be fixed

The parliamentary report on dual citizenship was barely out before the government rejected its key recommendation. It’s time for some lateral thinking, argues Peter Brent.

Grattan on Friday: Fixing citizenship imbroglio is not just a matter of better paperwork

Unwilling to confront the genuine and ongoing problems now the dual citizen genie is out of the bottle, the government says candidates for parliament simply need to get their paperwork in order.