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Working paper

Fuel prices and road deaths: motorcyclists are different

This study estimates the effect of gasoline prices on road deaths by vehicle mode using annual data for 62 countries for 2000–2018 and all states of the United States (US) for 1998–2018.

Social cost of road crashes and injuries 2020 update

This report looks at the social costs associated with road crashes and injuries in New Zealand.

Report of the Inquiry into the increase in Victoria’s road toll

Victoria has been a leader in road safety for many decades. It consistently performs better than other states and territories. This report examines the state government's approach towards improving road safety in Victoria.

Improving road safety in Australia

This inquiry was established to inquire into and report on the steps that can be taken to reduce Australia's road accident rates, and investigate the impact of trauma and death on our roads.

Social cost of road crashes and injuries: June 2019 update

In this report, the Ministry of Transport updates the social cost of road crashes and injuries annually to allow comparison of the costs and benefits of any road safety actions in current dollars.

Safety on Victoria's roads—regional road barriers

This audit examines whether Victoria’s regional road barriers program has met its intended safety outcomes.
Journal article

Understanding the roles of remoteness and Indigenous status in rural and remote road trauma in North Queensland: using a mixed-methods approach

This study aims to identify and compare the circumstances leading to (proximal causation) and social determinants of (distal causation) crashes of Indigenous and non-Indigenous people in these regions and their relation to remoteness.

Social cost of road crashes and injuries: 2018 update

This is an annual update of the Social Cost of Road Crashes and Injuries statistics published by the New Zealand Ministry of Transport. This update provides estimates of the average social costs per injury and per crash at June 2018 prices. The update accounts for...
Discussion paper

Motor accident injury insurance and automated vehicles: discussion paper

This paper identifies elements within existing motor accident injury insurance schemes that may act as barriers to accessing compensation for personal injuries or death caused by an automated driving system. The paper discusses how these schemes, or alternative insurance models, could provide cover for injuries...

Inquiry into the National Road Safety Strategy 2011–2020

This inquiry focused on the current road system’s safety, while recognising that modal shifts in transport, urban planning, technology, data, users, usage and cultural factors can and will be important. It was felt that the existing road transport system will predominate for at least another...

Outcome evaluation of icare lifetime care Community Participation Grants: final report

This is an outcomes evaluation of arts and sports projects for people with disability. The projects are funded by icare lifetime care, the NSW government agency that provides support to people who were injured in a motor vehicle accident.
Fact sheet

Hospitalised injury due to land transport crashes

This fact sheet focuses on hospitalised cases where a person was injured in an unintentional crash involving types of transport that operate on land.

Heavy vehicle safety and use of technology to improve road safety

This report examines the range of technologies available to manage heavy vehicle safety, and the potential of technology to make a greater contribution in the future.

Vehicle occupants not wearing a seat belt

This research looked at 200 fatal crashes where seat belts were not worn. It showed that 75% of victims were male and that young New Zealanders were over-represented.

Social cost of road crashes and injuries: 2017 update

Road crashes impose intangible, financial and economic costs to society. These costs include reduced quality of life, reduced productivity and medical and other resource costs. The Ministry of Transport updates the social cost of road crashes and injuries annually to allow comparison of the costs...

Hospitalised farm injury, Australia: 2010–11 to 2014–15

Almost 22,000 people were hospitalised in the period from 2010–11 to 2014–15 as a result of injury which occurred on a farm; over three-quarters of them (77%) were males.

Aspects of road safety in Australia: final report

This final report into road safety in Australia looked at road and vehicle design and the impact of the freight transport industry.

Cost of road trauma in Australia: summary report - September 2017

This report, commissioned by AAA, shows that while the social and emotional costs of road trauma in Australia are immeasurable, the annual economic cost is almost $30 billion.
Journal article

Risk factors of mobile phone use while driving in Queensland: prevalence, attitudes, crash risk perception, and task-management strategies

This study investigates characteristics of usage, risk factors, compensatory strategies in use and characteristics of high-frequency offenders of mobile phone use while driving.

International road safety comparisons 2014: statistical report

This report presents tabulations of road deaths and road death rates for Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) nations and Australian states and territories. The rates allow for a comparison of Australia's road safety performance with that of other OECD nations by accounting for...

Trends in serious injury due to road vehicle traffic crashes, Australia: 2001 to 2010

Summary This report presents estimates of trends in the number and rate of persons seriously injured in Australia due to road vehicle traffic crashes. Serious injury is defined as cases where a person was admitted to hospital for an injury and was discharged alive. Cases...
Fact sheet

Fact Check: Do many more people die by suicide than in road accidents?

Lifeline Australia chairman John Brogden claims Australia's road toll has decreased significantly to less than half the number of deaths by suicide.

Major driving offences: current sentencing practices

Examines sentencing in Victorian courts over the seven years to July 2013 for culpable driving causing death, dangerous driving causing death, negligently causing serious injury (where driving related), and dangerous driving causing serious injury.
Journal article

A comparison of health outcomes in older versus younger adults following a road traffic crash injury: a cohort study

Given the ageing demographics of most developed countries, understanding the public health impact of mild/moderate road traffic crash injuries in older adults is important. This article aims to determine whether health outcomes (pain severity and quality of life measures) over 24 months differ significantly between...

National road safety action plan 2015–2017

The Action Plan outlined in this document is intended to support the implementation of the National Road Safety Strategy 2011–2020 (NRSS). It addresses key road safety challenges identified in a recent review of the strategy (NRSS Review) and details a range of priority national actions...