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Policy report

Prospering in a low-emissions world: an updated climate policy toolkit for Australia

This report presents 35 recommendations to help transition Australia to a low emissions future, building on the Government’s current climate change policy settings to drive down emissions in the transport, industrial, electricity, agriculture and land, and waste sectors.

Summer of crisis

This report outlines the first comprehensive overview of the devastating climate impacts Australians experienced this summer. It focuses on New South Wales and the Australian Capital Territory, because the effects of the bushfires were most severe in these areas. It is acknowledged that the bushfires...

Systemic thinking for policy making

This publication summarises joint work by members of IIASA and OECD on how systems thinking can improve policymaking. It focuses on four main areas of mutual interest; new economic paradigms, approaches and methodologies; the environment and sustainable development; social and economic change; and systemic risk...
Discussion paper

Out of season

This analysis uses Bureau of Meteorology (BoM) data to track changes in daily temperatures that mark the beginning of each season over the sub-tropical and temperate parts of the country where most Australians live.

Economic and political overview 2020

This report provides an insight into the domestic and international economic, political and policy environment, giving policymakers and organisations an insight into the operating environment in the year to come.
Briefing paper

Assessing China’s climate change aid to the Pacific

Climate change has become an increasingly important part of China-Pacific relations in recent years and now features prominently in high-level visits between the two sides.

Global futures: assessing the global economic impacts of environmental change to support policy-making

This report summarises the headline results and policy recommendations from the Global Futures project. A full description of the project background, objectives, methodology, results and conclusions is provided in the accompanying Technical Report.
Discussion paper

Why climate change and human rights are a business issue

The Global Compact Network Australia, the local network of the United Nations Global Compact, has released this discussion paper on climate change and human rights. The paper highlights the central role businesses play in determining whether or not global temperature increases can be limited to...

All in the same canoe

The devastating bushfires are adding to the pressure for Scott Morrison to cooperate with Australia’s Pacific neighbours.

Climate risk and response

This report looks at the physical effects of our changing climate. It explores risks today and over the next three decades, and examine cases to understand the mechanisms through which physical climate change leads to increased socioeconomic risk.