Indigenous women


Experiences of Indigenous women impacted by violence during COVID-19

This report from Women’s Safety NSW highlights the key issues and complexities facing Indigenous women and children impacted upon domestic and family violence during the COVID-19 health crisis.

Women’s housing needs in regional Australia

This report outlines key housing needs and challenges for women through national research undertaken across regional Australia. It offers new knowledge and insights that are relevant for policy and key decision makers across all levels of government, community housing providers, researchers and the private sector.
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Empowering voice through the creation of a safe space: an experience of Aboriginal women in regional Queensland

This paper reflects on the experience of the research team in supporting a group of Aboriginal women to create safe spaces and to share their stories of healing, social and emotional wellbeing.

Colonization, homelessness, and the prostitution and sex trafficking of native women

This paper seeks to illustrate the impact of human trafficking on Native women and girls, with particular attention to the historical context in the United States and the interconnection between trafficking and housing instability.
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Qualitative study of psychosocial factors impacting on Aboriginal women’s management of chronic disease

This research aims to understand the roles and responsibilities taken on by Aboriginal women within their families and communities and how this affected their ability to manage their own health and chronic conditions.

Fighting, alcohol and offending: interventions targeting Aboriginal girls: final report

The Fighting, Alcohol and Offending: Interventions Targeting Aboriginal Girls (YAWG) report, focuses on the experiences around alcohol, fighting and drinking of Aboriginal girls and young women residing in metropolitan Perth.

Kungas’ trauma experiences and effects on behaviour in Central Australia

This research explored the lives of 12 Aboriginal women who were clients of the Kunga Stopping Violence Program (KSVP), and were incarcerated for alleged violent offences in Central Australia. Analysis of their life stories demonstrates the critical need for services that can effectively respond to...

Draft Western Australian women’s health and wellbeing policy

Aboriginal Health Council of Western Australia (AHCWA) has been represented on the Western Australian Women’s Health and Wellbeing Policy Working Group and, further to verbal advice already provided, provided a submission with formal written feedback on the policy.

The First Response project

This project explores how the workforce within Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Organisations (ACCHOs) conceptualise trauma and culturally informed care, and how this informs approaches to primary health care for women who are experiencing violence.
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Menstrual health and hygiene among Indigenous Australian girls and women: barriers and opportunities

This article provides perspectives on the challenges of menstrual health and hygiene (MHH) for Indigenous Australian girls and women in urban, rural and remote communities.