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Local governance, community safety and gender: a comparison of Australian and Canadian initiatives

This paper briefly outlines the state of crime prevention and community safety initiatives in Australia and Canada, followed by an analysis of practical and theoretical dilemmas in getting to the first stage of community safety planning, that of problem identification.

Bail practices and policy alternatives in Australia

There was a rapid increase in the remand in custody population in Australia between 2008 and 2018, partly caused by legislative responses to some high-profile offences committed by defendants while on bail. The approach in this study was to explore bail and remand policy that...
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Medical capacity: an alternative to lockdowns

This paper argues that lockdowns and social distancing regulations introduced to manage the health concerns associated with COVID-19, have imposed significant social, economic and institutional costs, while being of debatable efficacy.
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Police-recorded crime trends in Victoria during the COVID-19 pandemic

This paper aims to examine whether and how the COVID-19 pandemic, associated behaviour changes and implemented restrictions impacted on crime in Victoria. It examines whether there were changes in the volume, nature or location of offending recorded by police following the introduction of restrictions in...
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Digital landscape of women’s safety

In the context of increasingly digitised urban governance, this paper investigates the use of digital technology in the advocacy for women’s safety in the city.

Policy lessons from catastrophic events

Research into policy and policy failures tends to focus on analysis rather than implementation and enforcement. The Bennett Institute recently hosted a workshop to bring together people from different domains of safety practice and research backgrounds to discuss the challenge. This report details those discussions.
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Fact Check: Is a person torn to pieces by a crocodile every three months in north Queensland?

Katter's Australian Party MP Bob Katter claims a person is "torn to pieces" every three months by a crocodile in north Queensland.
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Construction of Lean Management System for Power Grid Equipment Based on Multi-Service Convergence

As one of the most important components of power grid, the reliability of the equipment plays an important role in both safe stability of power grid and the improvement of the customer's electricity environment, which matters the economic benefits of all sides. In this paper...
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Impacts of lean construction on safety systems: a system dynamics approach

Lean construction has been viewed as an effective management approach for reducing the occurrence of no-value or destructive activities, such as wasting resources and safety-related accidents. However, few studies have systematically addressed how and to what extent lean construction practices influence construction safety. To bridge...
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Analysis of the influence of Lean Construction and LEED Certification on the quality of construction sites

Adequate planning of construction sites guarantees better efficiency, productivity, quality on the development of all work activities, optimization of the physical available space, workers' safety and motivation in performing their duties. The objective of this paper is to verify the influence of Lean Construction and...