Couple relationships

Many changes have occurred in Australia since the establishment of the Australian Institute of Families Studies in 1980. This snapshot presents some changes in relation to couple relationships.
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Fact Check: Would a delay in ACT same-sex marriage avoid leaving couples in limbo?

Federal Attorney-General George Brandis has asked the ACT Government not to give effect to its new laws until their constitutional validity is determined by the High Court.
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Fact Check: Tony Abbott incorrect on the history of marriage

Prime Minister Tony Abbott claims marriage, or marriage-like relationships, have always been between a man and a woman
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Fact Check: Are de facto relationships more unstable than marriages?

Social Services Minister Kevin Andrews claims data shows that de facto relationships have a higher incidence of break-up than marriages.

Marrying young: an exploratory study of young Muslim women's decision-making around early marriage

This research project was developed by the AMWCHR in response to an observed increase in the number of young Muslim women choosing to marry at a very young age. The project sought to examine factors leading to young women disengaging from education and employment, and...

When saying no is not an option: forced marriage in Australia and New Zealand

This report uses interviews with victims of forced marriage, community members, and government and non-government stakeholders in Australia and New Zealand, to describe the perceptions and realities of forced marriage.

Chronology of same-sex marriage bills introduced into the federal parliament: a quick guide

This Quick Guide (February 2018 update) provides a chronological list of bills relating to marriage equality introduced into the federal parliament, including bills restored to the Notice Paper or reintroduced in a later parliament.
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How has same-sex marriage impacted on religious freedom in Ireland?

When Ireland legalised same-sex marriage in 2015, conservatives were concerned it would impact on religious freedom.