Fact sheet

Insolvency reforms to support small business

The Australian government is making changes to our insolvency framework to better serve Australian small businesses, their creditors, and their employees. The changes will introduce new processes suitable for small businesses from 1 January 2021, reducing complexity, time and costs for small businesses.
Working paper

Financing firms in hibernation during the COVID-19 pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has halted economic activity worldwide, hurting firms and pushing many of them toward bankruptcy. This paper discusses four central issues that have emerged in the academic and policy debates related to business financing during the downturn.

Inquiry into construction industry insolvency in NSW

The New South Wales Government has established this Inquiry to help safeguard the interests of subcontractors in the building industry. The terms of reference for the inquiry include how initiatives such as insurance schemes, trust arrangements, compulsory contract provisions or other mechanisms, could help to...