Commonwealth fraud investigations 2017-18 and 2018-19

This report presents the findings of the most recent annual census of fraud against Commonwealth entities and the measures taken to prevent fraud.

Crossover youth scoping study

'Crossover Children' are young people (14-17 years) who cross from state care and protection to serious and recidivist offending. The report reviews the research and statistics both past and present, both nationally and internationally related to this population.
Briefing paper

Case resolution and rehabilitation programmes in Aotearoa New Zealand

This Briefing Note is the second instalment of a series of three. The series began in Briefing Note 1 with an exploration of some fundamental questions in criminal justice policy and will culminate in a set of policy approaches. This paper surveys successful trial, sentencing...
Briefing paper

Refining criminal justice outcomes: an evidence-based programme for reform

This paper on criminal justice reform draws together the findings of the previous two papers published since August. In the previous papers, a holistic account of a range of crime drivers integrating personal, societal, and procedural components was provided. In this paper, the author shows...

Artificial intelligence prediction and counterterrorism

The use of artificial intelligence (AI) in counterterrorism is not inherently wrong. This paper suggests some necessary conditions for legitimate use of AI as part of a predictive approach to counterterrorism on the part of liberal democratic states.

Towards a Commonwealth law enforcement innovation framework

This report suggests that a collaboration research hub could provide a starting point for creating and developing new technologies for law enforcement. It also suggests that while some stakeholders may be tempted to adopt a CRC-type structure, a stronger starting point might involve building on...
Briefing paper

Reconsidering the Aotearoa New Zealand Criminal justice policy model

This briefing note is the first of a series of three notes exploring key issues in New Zealand criminal justice policy. In this report, fundamental issues and theoretical approaches to New Zealand criminal justice are discussed.

Cascades of violence

War and crime are cascade phenomena. War cascades across space and time to more war; crime to more crime; crime cascades to war; and war to crime. As a result, war and crime become complex phenomena. This book shows, for example, how a cascade analysis...
Annual Report

The Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission’s administration of the Biometric Identification Services project

The objective of this audit was to assess the effectiveness of the Australian Criminal Intelligence Commission’s administration of the Biometric Identification Service project.
Discussion paper

Targeting serious crime: extending information sharing – a government discussion document

This discussion document sets out proposals to extend the existing information sharing agreement to include the Serious Fraud Office and the New Zealand Customs Service, so Inland Revenue may share information with these agencies where it might be an advantage in dealing with serious crime.