Substance abuse


Leaving rehab: enhancing transitions into stable housing

This research presents policy and practice recommendations to enhance the coordination of housing, health and social care supports for individuals leaving residential treatment for mental health or substance use problems.
Journal article

Before prison, instead of prison, better than prison: therapeutic communities as an abolitionist real utopia

The aim of this paper is to critically engage with the idea that Therapeutic Communities (TCs) can be promoted in England and Wales as a radical alternative to prison for substance users who have broken the law. After grounding the discussion within the normative framework...

National partnership agreement on Indigenous early childhood development

Summary This second report on the health indicators in the National Partnership Agreement on Indigenous Early Childhood Development finds areas of improvement as well as areas of concern in the health of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children and mothers. Antenatal care In 2010, 51%...

Homeless SAAP clients with mental health and substance use problems 2004-05

Mental health and substance use problems are experienced by many Australians and research has indicated these problems are far more prevalent in the homeless population. For example, a literature review conducted in 2005 concluded 'that between one quarter and one half of adult homeless persons...

Government response to inquiry on substance abuse

The House of Representatives Standing Committee on Family and Community Affairs made 128 recommendations in its report, the Road to Recovery: Report on the Inquiry into Substance Abuse in Australian Communities. The report has informed government policy in many areas, including the development of the...

Beyond petrol sniffing: renewing hope for Indigenous communities

Petrol sniffing causes devastation in Indigenous communities. The health impacts include chronic disability and the social impacts include violence, crime and the breakdown of community structures. This report argues that measures to deal with the problem are now well known; the priority is to harness...