Political leadership

Discussion paper

The reconstruction memorandum: building back better or just bigger?

This discussion paper from the Australia Institute outlines how Australia could emerge from the COVID-19 crisis as one of the richest countries in the world, while gaining long-lasting benefits from economic stimulus projects and a renewed faith in the effectiveness of democratic governance.

Lowy Institute poll 2020

The 2020 Lowy Institute Poll records unprecedented shifts in public opinion. Only half the country reports feeling safe — a record low for Australians. Our concern about a global economic downturn has skyrocketed. Optimism about our economic prospects has sunk to an historic low.

Public perceptions of leadership for the greater good during the first wave of the COVID-19 pandemic

As an extension of the Australian Leadership Index, members of the Australian public were surveyed for eight weeks between March 17 and May 6 to measure perceptions of the degree to which different institutions showed leadership for the greater good in response to the COVID-19...

Australian Leadership Index: 2019 national survey report

The Australian Leadership Index is a national survey that provides a comprehensive picture of leadership for the greater good in Australia. This report reflects the views of 4000 Australians surveyed through 2019.
Fact sheet

Fact Check: Hillary Clinton's comparison of Vladimir Putin and Adolf Hitler checks out

US secretary of state Hillary Clinton says claims made by Russian president Vladimir Putin to justify taking over Crimea are reminiscent of claims made by Adolf Hitler in the 1930s.
Fact sheet

Fact Check Analysis: Federal election 2019: RMIT ABC Fact Check runs the rule over Scott Morrison and Bill Shorten's second debate

RMIT ABC Fact Check looked at some of the key claims made during the second leaders' debate of the 2019 federal election.
Fact sheet

Fact Check Analysis: Fact checking the third leaders debate

RMIT ABC Fact Check looked at some of the key claims made during the third leaders' debate of the 2019 federal election.

Bowling with Trump: economic anxiety, racial identification, and well-being in the 2016 Presidential election

Why did Donald Trump win the 2016 Presidential election? Numerous reasons were canvassed in the aftermath of the result. The authors of this report outline some interesting research that reveals some answers.

Morrison, compassion and coronavirus: when crisis refines leadership

News that the Morrison government paid A$190,000 last year for advice on how to empathise with the Australian people was met with ridicule.

Global attitudes to COVID-19 pandemic and response

The Australia Institute’s International & Security Affairs Program surveyed nationally representative samples of people in Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, the United States, Italy and South Korea about the COVID-19 pandemic. This report outlines the survey findings.