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Monitoring alcohol affordability in Aotearoa New Zealand: 2020 update

This report looks at the trends of alcohol prices and affordability in Aotearoa New Zealand.

Pricing for value: a guide for government services

This guide is intended to improve consistency and capability in price-setting across the Victorian government. It updates pricing principles to align with current best practice and, as a practical user guide for entities to review or set their fees and charges, provides practical step-by-step guidance...
Journal article

Overcoming information asymmetry in the construction industry based on open and closed contractor activity data

The purpose of the research is to find measures to reduce information asymmetry which significantly affects the relationship between customer and contractor, leading to higher prices for construction work and enhanced opportunism. The most effective level of interaction is ethical, as it significantly reduces information...
Working paper

Improving economic efficiency and climate mitigation outcomes through international co-ordination on carbon pricing

This paper presents the potential benefits and challenges of enhanced international co-ordination on carbon pricing and outlines the different types and levels of co-ordination that are available for national and sub-national governments. These levels include, inter alia, facilitating new pricing schemes, phasing out inefficient fossil...

Victorian economic snapshot: February 2018

This paper provides a broad overview of Victoria’s economy using key indicators. The indicators used aim to measure different aspects of the economy and specific economic trends. Data and trends are also compared to other states and territories in order to assess Victoria’s economic position...

The price is right: an examination of the cost of living in Western Australia

This tenth report in BCEC’s Focus on Western Australia series examines the important issue of costs of living in WA, and how real household living costs have changed in recent years.

Perceptions and realities of regional airfare prices in Western Australia

This Report examines whether prices are in fact high; considers the impact these prices have on regional communities; explores causal factors driving high prices; and suggests steps that Industry and Government might take to address community concerns and reduce airfares.
Discussion paper

Protecting consumers in a changing energy world

The NSW Government has prepared a discussion paper about whether the consumer protection frameworks in NSW are meeting the changing needs of energy customers and what type of regulatory reform may be needed.
Discussion paper

An effective NZ ETS: clear price signals to guide low-emission investment

This document outlines an integrated proposal for managing unit supply and prices in the ETS. Its objective is to generate a more predictable long-term emission price signal to guide efficient domestic de-carbonisation and cost-effectively manage New Zealand’s overall contribution to global emission reductions.
Technical report

Report of the high-level commission on carbon prices

This report concludes that a strong carbon-price is necessary to meet the world’s agreed climate goals in the most cost-effective way while fostering growth.

The economic contribution of Melbourne’s foodbowl

The value of Melbourne’s foodbowl to the regional economy is significant: Melbourne’s foodbowl accounts for more than 1.7 million hectares of agricultural land, consisting of a mix of enterprises, most notably vegetables, poultry, dairy and livestock production. It contributes $2.45 billion per annum to the...

Switching off gas: an examination of declining gas demand in eastern Australia

Examines the future of domestic gas across the interconnected eastern-Australian gas market. Executive Summary Following on from our research into “domestic gas” demand specific to New South Wales, the University of Melbourne Energy Institute (MEI) have examined the future of domestic gas across the entire...

Passing gas: economic myths around the Northern Territory's North East Gas Interconnector pipeline

Overview The North East Gas Interconnector (NEGI) is a proposed gas pipeline between the Northern Territory and the eastern states. The project is strongly endorsed by gas companies, the Territory government and governments in other states, but analysis is lacking as to the actual benefits...

Premium policy? Getting better value from the PBS

Overview: Poor implementation of a policy to get better value for PBS spending is costing government $320 million a year and raising questions about pharmaceutical industry involvement in drug pricing. The therapeutic group premium policy, introduced in 1998 to stop the government wasting money on...

The welfare gain from a new good: an introduction

This note provides an elementary introduction to the measurement of welfare gains from the introduction of a new good, based on the concept of the ‘virtual price’ and standard expressions for welfare changes arising from price changes. Introduction Any attempt to measure changes in living...
Conference paper

Influence of deteriorating public infrastructure in Japanese economy: evidence from the spatial computable general equilibrium model

To evaluate macroeconomic effect of changes in public facilities, the current study uses the recursive dynamic computable general equilibrium (CGE) model. This model considers endogenous technological progress changed by the agricultural land improvement projects and road construction projects.

The RET’s effect on Tasmania: does the RET cost Tasmanian industrial users $20 million per year?

This paper looks at one group of large industrial firms in Tasmania and their claims that the Renewable Energy Target (RET) is costing them $20 million. Overview The Renewable Energy Target (RET) has been subjected to a lot of criticism in recent years. Most of...

Online shopping and potential changes to the low value threshold: costs and benefits for government, consumers and retailers

Imposing the GST on different types of imports has been a contentious topic for some time. Different parts of Australian society stand to benefit or lose significantly depending on how, or whether, the system is changed. This paper outlines the regulatory framework, including the relationship...

Gas at the crossroads: Australia’s hard choice

This report argues that huge changes in Australia’s gas market will push up the average household bill in Melbourne by more than $300 a year, and in Sydney and Adelaide by more than $100 a year. Overview For some time the price of natural gas...

Consumers price index review: 2014

This paper includes details of changes to the CPI basket of representative goods and services, the new CPI expenditure weights and an analysis of the main changes in weights. Summary