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Export marketing


Western Australia’s Asian engagement strategy 2019-2030

This strategy document provides a framework for Western Australia’s long term engagement with key Asian markets and responds to the need for Western Australia to diversify its economy and create more skilled jobs.
Briefing paper

How not to innovate: the case of Australia's bionic eye

This analysis suggests that decades of government reviews and interventions have done little to boost Australia’s ability to take its ideas to market.

Opportunities to improve vanilla value chains for small Pacific Island countries

This report focusses on the vanilla sector in the Cook Islands, Niue and Samoa. The research highlights how the vanilla sector is being developed in these Pacific Island countries and the linkages that are being established to regional and/or international markets.

Born global: Australian music exports

This project investigates the cultural and economic value of Australian music exports. It is the first methodological study of how Australian artists are developed internationally through government and industry programs.

International opportunities for Australian school curriculum, assessment and regulatory products: final report

This report explores a set of six priority markets that could provide opportunity for increasing exports of school curriculum, assessment and regulatory products. It reflects the culmination of a project led by the NSW Education Standards Authority and conducted by Nous Group, commissioned through an...

Australia’s critical minerals strategy

Global demand for Australian resources has broadened in recent years to include minerals used in a range of emerging high-tech applications, across a variety of sectors. This strategy outlines the Australian government’s policy framework for the critical minerals market.

From little things big things grow: supporting Australian SMEs go global

This report urges the Australian government to continue including specific small and medium enterprises (SMEs) chapters in trade agreements, as well as introducing a focus on e-commerce in future free trade agreements.
Discussion paper

Asian engagement strategy: consultation paper

Asian markets are substantial and growing, which provides an opportunity for diversifying Western Australian exports into Asia; for deepening relationships and growing an understanding about each other for mutual benefit. This consultation paper is the first formal step in developing the Asian engagement strategy.

The lithium-ion battery value chain: new economy opportunities for Australia

The new energy revolution and accelerating growth in demand for lithium-ion batteries provides an opportunity for Australia. As the world’s largest producer of lithium, with mineral reserves covering 90% of the elements required in lithium-ion battery chemistry, Australia has undeniable competitive advantages that need to...

Independent review of Australian Wool Innovation Limited

On 27 February 2018, the Minister for Agriculture and Water Resources, David Littleproud MP, announced a review of Australian Wool Innovation’s (AWI) performance and governance. EY were selected by the department to conduct the review in March 2018. EY considered AWI’s delivery on core objectives...