Cloud computing


The coproduction of open source software by volunteers and big tech firms

Big tech firms such as Amazon are using cloud computing and 'software as a service' to transform open source software, which is intended to be shared and modified, into closed assets. This report maps how firms are collaborating with communities of unpaid volunteers to produce...
Journal article

An empirical meta-analysis of the life sciences linked open data on the web

In this paper, the authors extract schemas from more than 80 biomedical linked open data sources into an Life Sciences Linked Open Data (LSLOD) schema graph and conduct an empirical meta-analysis to evaluate the extent of semantic heterogeneity across the LSLOD cloud.
Working paper

Capital incentive policies in the age of cloud computing: an empirical case study

This paper assesses whether current policy environments are appropriate for the emergence of cloud computing technology. In particular, this research uses firm level data for Germany and the United Kingdom to examine the impact of capital incentive programmes (a common policy present in most OECD...

National security agencies and the cloud

This report identifies four significant obstacles that stand in the way of Australia’s national security community moving to cloud infrastructure. These obstacles need to be crossed, and the change needs to be driven by ministers and agency heads.

Digital technology in the not-for-profit sector: October 2019

This report aims to better understand how not-for-profit organisations across Australia and New Zealand are using technology, in order to recognise the areas of growth and where improvement is needed. This report provides a benchmark for all not-for-profit organisations across the region to ensure they...

Harnessing public cloud opportunities in the government sector

This report provides recommendations for action to guide government sector leaders and provide concrete steps to encourage greater use of cloud, to help drive better agency and citizen outcomes.
Briefing paper

Outsourcing involving cloud computing services

This resource updates information on prudential considerations and key principles issued to APRA-regulated entities in July 2015. It has been developed in response to the growing use of the cloud by APRA-regulated entities for higher inherent risk activities, and observed areas of weakness in how...

The potential for cloud computing services in Australia

Cloud computing is a significant opportunity for Australian industry. Ibis World estimated Australian cloud revenues at over $1 billion for 2010 and employment at around 4,300 persons. When it comes to cloud computing, can Australia reasonably aspire to become a regional hub for cloud computing...

Secure cloud strategy

The Australian government has an ambitious agenda to transform its digital service delivery. Cloud offers reusable digital platforms at a lower cost, and shifts service delivery to a faster, more reliable digital channel. Cloud services have the opportunity to make government more responsive, convenient, available...

Digital forensics in the cloud era: the decline of passwords and the need for legal reform

The growing use of online and cloud services in the community means electronic evidence is moving beyond the physical jurisdiction of Australian law enforcement agencies. This paper looks at the legal and technical issues inherent in collecting electronic evidence from online and cloud services. The...

TNA guidance on cloud storage and digital preservation

Abstract The use of cloud storage in digital preservation is a rapidly evolving field and this guidance explores how it is developing, emerging options and good practice, together with requirements and standards that archives should consider. Five detailed case studies of UK archives that have...

EMC global data protection index

The EMC Data Protection Global Indx surveyed more than 3000 IT decision makers in 24 countries to create a ranking of protection readiness. The results underscore what every country must do to be confident their data is safe. Across the world, China, the Netherlands and...

ACMA communications report 2013-14

This report is the ninth edition produced since the Australian Communications and Media Authority (the ACMA) was formed in July 2005.

NICTA submission on the NSW Government Professional Services Industry Action Plan

Overview This submission is written from the viewpoint of how ICT and digital technology can support the NSW Professional Services industry and how Government might foster that support. There are several areas Government initiatives could have significant impact: To encourage the rapid digitisation of our...

NICTA submission on the NSW Government ICT Strategic Framework

The consultation draft provides a wide-ranging, high level approach which we think defines an appropriate framework for leveraging ICT for the benefit of NSW citizens. We would also like to underline areas of emphasis we think may contribute to the plan as well provide some...

NICTA submission to the NSW Digital Economy Action Plan

Overview We are in midst of a generational change in the way our economy operates with several inter-connected trends impacting us simultaneously. Over the next decade the economy will need to re-organise itself to take advantage of the increasingly compelling power and utility of mobile...

Managing consumerization of personal cloud storage: a New Zealand perspective

Employees' behavior of using personal cloud storage at the workplace might put corporates at risk. This trend has been happening globally and known as consumerization of personal cloud storage. This research reports on the state of this trend in New Zealand corporates. A mixed methods...

The silver lining: cloud computing and small and medium enterprises

This paper shows how Australian businesses can get the most out of one of the biggest global innovations: information communications technology. Overview: Innovation – the successful application of new ideas – drives Australia’s productivity. Australia’s biggest innovation opportunity lies in creatively exploiting global innovations. One...

Cloud culture: the global future of cultural relations

The internet, our relationship with it, and our culture is about to undergo a change as profound and unsettling as the development of Web 2.0 in the last decade, which saw Google and YouTube, Facebook and Twitter become mass, world-wide phenomena. Over the next ten...