Assault and battery

Serious assault

Penalties for assaults on public officers: final report

This report represents the Queensland Sentencing Advisory Council's work to understand and reform sentencing for assaults on public officers.
Working paper

Can pre-recorded evidence raise conviction rates in cases of domestic violence?

The objective of this present study is to determine whether or not pre-recorded evidence raises the probability of a conviction in cases of Domestic Violence (DV) assault. In order to answer this question, the authors use administrative police and court data from New South Wales.
Briefing paper

The effect of lockout and last drinks laws on non-domestic assaults in Sydney: an update to March 2019

This research set out to examine the long term impact of the 2014 NSW liquor law amendments on non-domestic assaults in Kings Cross, the Sydney CBD and surrounding areas. As in previous studies, a significant reduction in non-domestic assaults in the Kings Cross and Sydney...

How do police use CCTV footage in criminal investigations?

This study examines how police use CCTV footage in criminal investigations. Structured interviews were conducted with 146 sworn members of the NSW Police Force who had recently requested footage from the NSW rail system’s network of CCTV cameras.
Briefing paper

NSW's strangulation offence: time for further reform?

This Issues Backgrounder provides a range of information on the effectiveness of section 37 of the Crimes Act 1900 (NSW). Section 37 prohibits strangulation, a significant form of domestic violence.
Fact sheet

Hospitalised assault injuries among men and boys

This fact sheet examines cases of hospitalised assault against men in 2014–15.

The effect of community interventions on alcohol-related assault in Geelong, Australia

The aim of the current study is to assess the individual and collective impact of community interventions on indicators of alcohol-related assaults in the Geelong region. Alcohol has consistently been demonstrated to increase levels of aggression and violence, particularly in late night licensed venues. Since...

The nature and extent of sexual assault and abuse in Australia

The latest figures regarding the nature behind and extent of sexual abuse in Australia. Statistics carry significant power and persuasion. At one level they appear to provide an instant and accessible way of grasping the nature and extent of social issues. Yet any statistic has...

Consensual assault

This report was prepared following a community consultation, which confirmed concerns that some aspects of the laws relating to consensual assaults are unclear, and do not reflect contemporary views about when the law should criminalise consensual assaults.

Prevent crime and save money: Return-on-investment models in Australia

Finding effective ways to prevent crime is important. This project was designed to demonstrate the feasibility of combining data from a 12-year Australian longitudinal study with prevention strategy investment data, to estimate potential returns, including a reduction in intimate partner violence and prison entry.