National self-determination


Victorian Government Self-Determination Reform Framework

This document, the Self-Determination Reform Framework, is intended to guide public service action to enable self-determination in line with government’s commitments in the VAAF. It also provides an architecture for reporting on this action.
Fact sheet

Treaty in Australia

Antar's resource ‘Treaty in Australia’ examines what Treaty is, the history of Treaties with First Nations here and elsewhere, and where we are now.

The Bougainville referendum and beyond

As Bougainville prepares for a referendum on independence, Australia must navigate a policy response that acknowledges the history of conflict and colonialism there, Bougainville nationalism, PNG sensitivities, the principles of the guiding Bougainville Peace Agreement and new geostrategic realities to help forge a lasting solution...

National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health plan 2013–2023

This document highlights existing activities, partnerships and programs that contribute to closing the gap in health outcomes for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health plan 2013–2023

This plan provides a long-term, evidence-based policy framework as part of the overarching Council of Australian Governments’ (COAG) approach to Closing the Gap in Indigenous disadvantage, which has been set out in the National Indigenous Reform Agreement (NIRA) signed in 2008. The NIRA has established...

Observations on the Northern Territory Emergency Response in Australia

This report presents the observations of the Special Rapporteur on the situation of human rights and fundamental freedoms of indigenous people, James Anaya, on the Northern Territory Emergency Response (“NTER”) program in Australia, in advance of reforms to the NTER that are anticipated in 2010.

Self-determination in New Caledonia: uncharted waters ahead

As Australia prepares for its parliamentary elections, Congress elections are under way across the Coral Sea in France’s New Caledonia, with potentially game-changing impact on governance and stability there. Independence parties look set to increase their representation, which will heighten tensions at a critical stage...

Vicki Couzens: Preserving Indigenous language in the 21st century

Dr Vicki Couzens spoke at ANZSOG's Reimagining Public Administration conference on February 20, as part of the 'Year of Indigenous languages’ plenary. The plenary was particularly poignant given 2019 is the United Nations Year of Indigenous Languages. “Our language is scarce so we are revitalising...

A transcript of Professor Ken Smith's speech at the Indigenous Affairs and Public Administration conference

The full text of ANZSOG Dean and CEO Professor Ken Smith’s speech at the opening dinner for The Indigenous Affairs and Public Administration: Can’t we do better? Conference. The conference is a joint initiative of ANZSOG and the Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet...
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A day at Waitangi, and at the beach

Every year around Waitangi Day there is debate about what the day is, and whether it should continue as it is. So what is Waitangi Day? Is it a day of protest? A day of commemoration? A day of celebration? A day at the beach?