Same-sex marriage



Couple relationships

Many changes have occurred in Australia since the establishment of the Australian Institute of Families Studies in 1980. This snapshot presents some changes in relation to couple relationships.

Home is where our story begins

This report explores the experiences of LGBTQ people in CALD communities in Greater Western Sydney following the same-sex marriage vote in 2017.

Rainbow family formation and dissolution in Australia

This review found a diverse and exciting field of scholarship, that while not as extensive as its heterosexual counterpart, provides some clear insight into the contemporary experiences of rainbow family formation in Australia.
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How has same-sex marriage impacted on religious freedom in Ireland?

When Ireland legalised same-sex marriage in 2015, conservatives were concerned it would impact on religious freedom.

Chronology of same-sex marriage bills introduced into the federal parliament: a quick guide

This Quick Guide (February 2018 update) provides a chronological list of bills relating to marriage equality introduced into the federal parliament, including bills restored to the Notice Paper or reintroduced in a later parliament.

Arrangements for the postal survey

The committee wishes to stress that the focus of this inquiry, as per the terms of reference, is not the legalisation of same-sex marriage, but rather to scrutinise the process that the government chose to undertake in order to reach the point where the national...

Preliminary results of the coping with marriage equality debate survey

This resource outlines the results of a major survey into the stress impacts associated with the Australian marriage equality debate during the lead up to the postal survey results announcement.

Chronology of same-sex marriage bills introduced into the federal parliament: a quick guide

This Quick Guide provides a chronological list of bills relating to marriage equality introduced into the federal parliament, including bills restored to the Notice Paper or reintroduced in a later parliament.

Australian Marriage Law Postal Survey

The results are in. View the details of the survey results
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Fact Check: Has legalising same-sex marriage in the UK had consequences for the school curriculum?

Vice President of the Federal Liberal Party, Karina Okotel claims legalising same-sex marriage in England has had an impact on the school curriculum.
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Fact Check: Do same-sex couples in a settled domestic relationship have the same rights as married couples?

Former prime minister Tony Abbott claims "same-sex couples in a settled domestic relationship have exactly the same rights as people who are married".

Marriage polling and the warhorse factor

Despite differences over how many voters have already returned their surveys, the latest polls tell a near-identical story.

Careful what you wish for

The 'Yes' campaign needs to be wary of its most enthusiastic supporters, writes Peter Brent.

High Court gives go-ahead for marriage ballot

The High Court has struck down the challenges to the same-sex marriage ballot, clearing the way for voting papers to start going out next week.
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Fact Check: Is Australia the only advanced English-speaking country without same-sex marriage?

Opposition frontbencher Andrew Leigh is among those who claim Australia is the last advanced English-speaking country not to allow same-sex marriage.
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Fact Check: Is the same-sex marriage survey a completely novel idea that is not actually a plebiscite?

Former High Court judge Michael Kirby claims the Australian Marriage Law Postal Survey (same-sex marriage survey) is not a plebiscite, but a voluntary, non-binding, non-compulsory vote of citizens that has never before been held under Australia's constitu

Privacy and the postal plebiscite

By putting the Australian Bureau of Statistics in charge of the upcoming same-sex marriage postal survey, the Australian Government is failing to learn from its previous privacy blunders, Monique Mann writes.

Marriage equality's secret weapon

One divisive figure in Australian politics could decide the result of the same-sex marriage postal vote.

Report on the Commonwealth Government's Exposure Draft of the Marriage Amendment (Same-Sex Marriage) Bill

The committee embarked on this task cognisant of the deeply held beliefs and aspirations of people engaged in this national debate, regardless of how they view the institution of marriage. Debate surrounding previous bills introduced, and associated inquiries undertaken, into the issue of same-sex marriage...

The life in Australia: historic events survey

In the lead up to Australia Day, this survey asked Australians to reflect on our shared history and the nation-shaping events that have occurred in our lifetime, and to consider which particular aspects of our past are the most significant in terms of how we...
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Same-sex couple families in Australia

This fact sheet highlights some of the key trends in same-sex couple families in Australia.
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Same sex marriage plebiscite 'surest and most immediate path' to reform: Attorney-General Brandis

Once the plebiscite bill for same sex marriage is passed by the House of Representatives, it will then be tested on the floor of the Senate, where it now looks unlikely to get the support the government needs. Federal Attorney-General, George Brandis, has appealed to...

The plebiscite problem

Like much else in the forty-fifth parliament’s infancy, the same-sex marriage plebiscite has become hostage to the dynamics of contemporary politics: a weakened prime minister, a ferociously oppositional federal opposition led by a man also less than secure in his job, and a large, attention-craving...
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The High Court, democracy and same sex marriage

The High Court in 2013 overturned the understanding of marriage in the Marriage Act 1961 as an exclusive, voluntary, heterosexual union for life, and that the Constitution therefore allowed the introduction of same sex marriage if the Parliament so decided. It is argued that the...

Marriage equality

Most Australians support marriage equality and the Sex Discrimination Amendment (Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity and Intersex Status) Act 2013 prohibits discrimination on the basis of sexuality. However, the Marriage Amendment Act 2004 discriminates on the basis of sex, sexuality and gender by not allowing same...