War memorials

Australian War Memorial


Management of the national collections

The objective of this audit was to assess whether the National Gallery of Australia and the Australian War Memorial have implemented effective collections management practices.
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Cherished sites of remembrance: soldiers’ memorial gardens

During and after World War 1 communities around Australia constructed memorials of various types to remember their deceased, missing and returned soldiers. The memorials ranged from physical monuments like statues and buildings to arboreal sites including trees planted in avenues of honour. In South Australia...
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Shaping moral landscapes: comparing the regulation of public memorials in democratic capitals

The planning and regulation of public memorials in a capital city significantly shape the representation of a nation’s identity and values, lending it both historical and conceptual grounding. The processes through which commemorative planning for a capital is conducted also reflect a nation’s democratic traditions...
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Contested decision making in commemorative planning and regulation

This paper analyses the decisions made during the development of public memorial proposals in Canberra and Melbourne. It develops a general model of the memorial development process and characterises four distinct procurement approaches used: open competitions, invited competitions, direct commissioning, and ‘grassroots’ initiatives that bypass...

Henry Reynolds on the Forgotten War

Drawing on research and fieldwork conducted for his latest book Forgotten War, acclaimed historian and writer Henry Reynolds outlines the depth and breadth of violence and conflict between white colonists and Aborigines, in Australia’s own forgotten frontier wars. Australia is dotted with memorials to soldiers...

Battle over a war

For three decades the Australian War Memorial has been the focus of a struggle between two ways of knowing the past, writes Dean Ashenden on our partner site, INSIDE STORY