Job creation

Alternate Term Label:
Employment services
Employment systems
Industry employment Initiatives
Jobs growth

Renewable energy jobs in Australia: stage one

The renewables industry is an important source of employment in Australia. This study presents the findings from the first, large-scale survey of renewable energy employment in Australia.

Management of agreements for Disability Employment Services

The audit objective was to assess the effectiveness of the Department of Social Services’ arrangements for managing Disability Employment Services provider agreements.
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Tasmania can’t afford a bet on the pokies

The poker machine industry has been shut down in Tasmania since the 24th of March. The industry is set to re-open on Friday the 26th of June. Re-opening these venues will provide immediate employment to staff previously stood down. However, this research shows that, in...
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Mutual obligation after COVID-19: the work for the dole time bomb

Per Capita's key recommendation in this report is that 'work for the dole' be disbanded and replaced with a genuine work experience program for people experiencing long term unemployment. A work experience program could be established through community economic regeneration grants for job creation projects.
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Fact Check: Were 301,000 jobs created in 2015?

Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull claims the Coalition Government has created more than 300,000 new jobs in a single year.
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Fact Check: Was 2017 a record calendar year for jobs growth?

Treasurer Scott Morrison claims 2017 was a year of extraordinary jobs growth in Australia, with more than 400,000 jobs created — the strongest calendar growth in jobs on record.
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Fact Check: Have 100,000 new jobs been created this year?

Prime Minister Tony Abbott claims more than 100,000 new jobs were created in his first year in office.
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Fact Check: Does a million dollars spent on pokies only create three jobs?

Discussing Tasmanian Labor's proposal to remove pokies from the state's pubs and clubs, World Vision chief advocate Tim Costello claims a million dollars spent on pokies only creates three jobs.
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Fact Check: Did jobs growth triple in 2014, as Tony Abbott says?

Prime Minister Tony Abbott claims Australia's "jobs growth in 2014 was triple the rate in 2013 – with 4,000 new jobs a week."
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Fact Check: Are there really 54,000 people employed in thermal coal mining?

Nationals Party Deputy Leader Bridget McKenzie says coal exports will remain critical to regional communities and the economy, and claims that the thermal coal industry employs 54,000 people.