Government relations with First Peoples

Aboriginal Australians government relations


Strong culture, strong youth: our legacy, our future

This report documents, through eight case studies, organisations and individuals work in communities to enrich the lives of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children and youth. One of the most encouraging aspects of these case studies is the way in which they detail and have...

Inquiry into community safety, support services and job opportunities in the Northern Territory

The Joint Standing Committee on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Affairs has published this report on its inquiry into community safety, support services and job opportunities in the Northern Territory. The report makes several recommendations to the Commonwealth and Northern Territory governments in the wake...

Commonwealth Closing the Gap implementation plan 2023

This document gives purpose and direction to the Australian government's efforts to transform government, in line with the National Agreement’s four Priority Reforms that include formal partnerships between government and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities.

Closing the Gap implementation plan 2023

The Coalition of Peaks’ Closing the Gap implementation plan 2023 sets out the work the Coalition of Peaks will undertake to progress and accelerate implementation of the National Agreement.

An unsettling decision: a legal and social history of native title and the Mabo decision

This paper has been prepared by the Parliamentary Library to mark the 30th anniversary of the High Court’s Mabo (No. 2) decision. It outlines the background and history of the decision, significant subsequent developments, the current status of Native Title and potential future developments.
Policy report

Policy futures: a reform agenda

It is intended that this publication will serve to increase the accessibility of valuable evidence and experiences to policy-makers within Australia. The University of Queensland and the Winston Churchill Memorial Trust also hope that it will encourage more partnership approaches toward developing public policy that...
Discussion paper

Constitutional enshrinement of a First Nations voice: finalisation of the voice design

This issues paper considers the question of how and when to finalise the design of the model of a First Nations voice to the Australian Parliament.

Unfinished Parliamentary business: an overview of potential Indigenous Australians portfolio measures

This paper considers what might appear in the Albanese Government’s legislative and ministerial Indigenous Australians agenda, by listing what is already ‘on the table’.

Voice, Treaty, Truth? The role of truth-telling in Australian, state and territory governments’ reconciliation processes: a chronology from 2015

This publication considers the role of truth-telling in Australia, looking at how it has manifested across different levels of government, both within and outside of formal reconciliation processes, since the Uluru Statement from the Heart.

Indigenous organisation leaders: balancing tensions between achieving political goals and regulatory requirements

With the new Federal Government’s commitment to the Statement from the Heart, there is a need for new narratives that support the healing of the Indigenous-State relationship in Australia to support better ways of governing that are grounded in mutual respect.
Position paper

Queensland government response to the Treaty Advancement Committee report 2022

The Queensland Government has accepted 18 of the Committee’s recommendations in full including those that will be co-designed. Four recommendations are accepted-in-principle as further policy development is required.
Briefing paper

Treaty Authority and Other Treaty Elements Bill 2022: Bill Brief

The Victorian government is proceeding with its intention to negotiate a treaty with the state’s First Peoples and has introduced legislation to establish an entity that would facilitate these negotiations. This Bill Brief provides a summary of the proposed Treaty Authority and its functions, the...

Implementation pathways to achieve Ngunnawal, First Nations Peoples and Australian Capital Territory government treaties

Karabena Consulting was contracted by the ACT Government to produce this report on considerations needed to facilitate self-determination in the ACT region.

Yoorrook with purpose: interim report

This interim report, the first from an Australian truth-telling Commission, details Aboriginal elders’ experiences of ongoing pain and harm to Victorian First Peoples at the individual, family, community and state level.

Northern Territory Treaty Commission: final report

Since its commencement in March 2019, the Northern Territory Treaty Commission has consulted with Aboriginal people across the Northern Territory and conducted research to inform the development of a framework for Treaty negotiations between First Nations Territorians and the Northern Territory (NT) Government. This report...

Labor's commitment to First Nations peoples

This publication outlines the ALP's policy priorities for Indigenous Australians.
Position paper

Roadmap for reconciliation: what we are asking of the next Federal Parliament

Reconciliation Australia has created this roadmap to outline the path the government must take to achieve reconciliation.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander treaties, constitutional and legal recognition and representation in Australia: a chronology

The issues of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander inclusion in law, governance and the Constitution have a long history that can be tracked back to the establishment of the first colonies. This paper aims to provide a brief history and chronology of the recognition, representation...

NIAA Stretch Reconciliation Action Plan 2022-2025

The National Indigenous Australians Agency's (NIAA’s) inaugural Stretch Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) 2022-2025 is a formal recognition of the NIAA's commitment to expand their impact and take the next steps on their reconciliation journey.

Partnership Agreement on Closing the Gap: partnership health check 2021

This publication reviews the state of the Partnership Agreement on Closing the Gap against success indicators agreed by the Coalition of Peaks and government parties. The 2021 health check has been prepared by independent reviewer, ABSTARR Consulting.

Victorian Aboriginal and local government strategy 2021–2026

This strategy document has been prepared for Victorian councils. It serves as a practical guide for councils across Victoria to help embed the voices and priorities of Aboriginal communities at a local government level.
Discussion paper

The new policy architecture for Closing the Gap: innovation and regression

This paper describes the core elements of the new policy architecture for Closing the Gap, set out in the National Partnership on Closing the Gap, finalised in mid-2020.
Discussion paper

The first decade of Closing the Gap: what went wrong?

This paper assesses the major reviews and assessments of the National Indigenous Reform Agreement (NIRA), the COAG agreement that established the first iteration of Closing the Gap from 2008 to 2019.

Unfinished business: progress report to Parliament - December 2020

This second progress report outlines the NSW Government’s work to progress the commitments made to Stolen Generations survivors. The views of survivors are embedded in this report, guiding government on areas to focus upon in the coming years.