Detention of persons


Youth justice in Australia: themes from recent inquiries

This paper explores key themes arising from recent reviews into Australian youth justice systems.

Youth justice in Australia 2017–18

This report looks at young people who were under youth justice supervision in Australia during 2017–18 because of their involvement or alleged involvement in crime. It explores the key aspects of supervision, both in the community and in detention, as well as recent trends.

Drug use monitoring in Australia: drug use among police detainees, 2017

The latest report from the Drug Use Monitoring in Australia program, the nation’s largest and longest running ongoing survey of police detainees, describes drug use, drug market participation and the extent to which detainees’ alleged offences were related to drug or alcohol use. Data was...

Policy initiative: Compassion for refugees

Creating safe pathways for people who need our help.

The Brisbane Youth Detention Centre report

This report presents the findings of an investigation into the management of young people at Brisbane Youth Detention Centre (BYDC) between November 2016 and February 2017. The investigation examined a number of incidents at BYDC during this timeframe, culminating in a violent and destructive riot...

Until when? The forgotten men on Manus Island

This report paints a stark picture of a traumatised refugee population which has been hit hard by Australia’s recent healthcare and counselling service cuts, as well as continued threats to their safety.

Sri Lankan refugees v Commonwealth of Australia (Department of Immigration & Citizenship): report of an inquiry into complaints by Sri Lankan refugees in immigration detention with adverse security assessments

This is a report setting out the findings of the Australian Human Rights Commission following an inquiry into a complaint alleging a breach of their human rights made against the Commonwealth of Australia by 10 adult Sri Lankan refugees in immigration detention with adverse security...

Detention arrangements - the transfer of 22 detainees from Villawood immigration detention centre to the metropolitan remand and reception centre Silverwater

In April 2011, there were several major disturbances at Villawood Immigration Detention Centre (IDC). On 20 and 21 April, a total of nine buildings were set on fire and destroyed. The loss of amenities included the classroom, gym, medical centre and kitchen. Other protest activity...

Joint Select Committee on Australia's Immigration Detention Network: final report

On 16 June 2011 the Parliament established the Joint Select Committee on Australia's Immigration Detention Network. Chapter 1 sets out the administrative arrangements for the inquiry and outlines the roles of the key organisations and government agencies involved in the immigration detention network. Chapter 2...

Drug use monitoring in Australia: 2015 and 2016 report on drug use among police detainees

The Drug Use Monitoring in Australia (DUMA) program is the nation’s largest and longest-running ongoing survey of police detainees across the country. This report describse the DUMA data collected between January 2015 and December 2016 at Adelaide, Brisbane, Perth and Sydney.