COVID-19 Fiscal and economic review

This review report provides an update on Queensland’s economic and fiscal estimates over 2019-20 and 2020-21 that incorporate the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic to date.

Australia’s economic reconstruction after COVID-19: a national jobs plan and five ways to get started

In this strategy document, the ACTU calls for a government-led national economic reconstruction plan, and offers up five ideas that are designed to create and save jobs, protect and nurture whole industries, support public and private sector jobs, invest in future skills and training, and...
Fact sheet

Fact Check: Is it cheaper to fly overseas than get out of Alice Springs?

It is cheaper to fly internationally than to an important regional centre like Alice Springs, claims Dale McIver of Tourism Central Australia.
Fact sheet

Fact Check: Does Australia make it hard for Chinese tourists to apply for a visa?

James Packer claims Australia does not accept online visa applications from China, and that Chinese people have to apply in English.

What will the airline industry look like post COVID-19? Why the era of cheap flights might be over

This report argues that should border shutdowns proliferate and air travel effectively be banned until the end of 2020, the global air transport system will collapse. This is clearly the worst-case scenario. However, there are other, less severe potential endgames for the air industry, governments...

Destination Management guidelines

Destination Management (DM) is an ongoing process that requires destinations to plan for the future and considers the social, economic, cultural and environmental risks and opportunities. This document describes what DM is and how to go about creating a DM plan.

Centring culture in public engagement on climate change adaptation: re-shaping the future of the NZ tourism sector

This report outlines the key findings of a research project on climate change adaptation in the specific context of tourism in New Zealand, and how understanding the interface between culture and climate change can help respond to the challenges of adaptation.

Pristine, popular... imperilled?

This report addresses the environmental and cultural impacts of tourism and what ongoing business-as-usual growth could mean for the environment and the vulnerability of the tourism sector.

Victoria's Aboriginal tourism development strategy 2013 - 2023

Victoria’s Aboriginal Tourism Development Strategy for 2013–2023 presents the plans for future developing and promoting attractions that tap into Victoria's Aboriginal history, cultural expression and diversity in both an urban context,and across regional Victoria.

Optimising Tourism New Zealand’s future role and contribution to New Zealand

This report examines what role Tourism New Zealand should play in supporting tourism, and how it is positioned to deliver on this role.