Global Environment Outlook 6 for industry in Asia-Pacific

This report shows the environmental problems in Asia-Pacific, how they are caused, and how they can be addressed by the region’s rapid industrialization.

Clean air for NSW: 2018 update

This report analyses the trend of particle air pollution in New South Wales, and argues for changes in NSW policies on air pollution to protect public health.

A review of 20 years’ air pollution control in Beijing

This report reviews the air quality management system set up in Beijing, conducts quantitative assessments of the pollution reduction effects in selected areas, and analyzes the new challenges Beijing faces, and provides recommendations for further improvement of air quality.

Global Mercury Assessment 2018

This update to the Global Mercury Assessment 2013 provides the most recent information available for the worldwide emissions to air, releases to water, and transport of chemical element in atmospheric and aquatic environments.

The health burden of fine particle pollution from electricity generation in NSW

This report estimates the health burden of air pollution from individual coal-fired power stations in NSW. It is significant new research made possible by recent studies of particle characterisation and atmospheric transport of pollution.

Stopping the spread

Plastic pollution, both land-based and in our oceans, is one of the most significant environmental challenges the world faces. The United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) has even called it a critical problem, comparable to climate change.

The dirty truth: Australia's most polluted postcodes

The burden of air pollution rests disproportionately on the shoulders of poorer Australians. This report shows 90% of polluting facilities reported in the National Pollutant Inventory (NPI) are in postcodes with low-middle weekly household incomes.
Discussion paper

New Zealand’s potential accession to International Maritime Organization treaty - MARPOL Annex VI: prevention of air pollution from ships

This consultation seeks views from the public and interested parties on whether New Zealand should sign up to an international treaty for the prevention of air emissions from ships.

Our air 2018

This report focuses on air quality, and presents the available data on the pressures, current states, and the impact of poor air quality on the health and well-being of New Zealanders and the environment.
Data portal

Green growth indicators

This page visualised the key data for 'Green Growth Indicators 2017' report, by allowing users to compare the air pollution, carbon production, land resources and green innovation in between OECD countries.