Food industry and trade


Fit for a better world: accelerating our economic potential

The food and fibres sector will be at the forefront of New Zealand's export-led recovery and can lead the way to a more sustainable economy. The actions set out in this document bring together opportunities that the Government considers will accelerate the productivity, sustainability and...

The COVID-19 pandemic draws attention to vulnerabilities in the global food system

The COVID-19 pandemic has exposed several weaknesses in the modern, industrial food supply chain. The largest vulnerabilities exist in the growing and processing of food, mainly in relation to labour conditions and the lack of competition in key industries.
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Fact Check: Is two-thirds of Australia's food production reliant on bee pollination?

Fruit and vegetable magnate Robert Costa claims that two-thirds of Australia's food production relies on bee pollination.
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Discretionary food advertising on television in 2017: a descriptive study

From June 2019, all food and beverage advertising is subject to either food industry or advertising industry codes. The data presented in this article will form the baseline for future evaluation of whether the new arrangements reduce children’s exposure to food advertising.

Foodbank hunger report 2019

This report combines insights from two surveys, bringing together the perspectives of charities and community groups providing front-line food relief, as well as individuals experiencing food insecurity.

Weak governance and lack of investment hindering Australia’s fight against food waste

This paper argues that until the Australian government can provide better leadership and investment, it is unlikely that the country will make particularly strong progress towards reducing food loss and waste.

WA food relief framework report 2019

This framework report maps food insecurity, identifies gaps in Western Australia's food security systems, and outlines solutions for the state government to work with the food relief and community sector to develop policy to alleviate food insecurity.
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Australia’s place in global agriculture and food value chains

This paper discusses the challenges faced by Australian agriculture, and continued growth opportunities which require further opening of import markets, along with more open bilateral and multilateral trade in agriculture and food products.

Delivering sustainable food and land use systems: the role of international trade

This paper explores a set of core trade-related issues affecting the food and land use system, and proposes constructive ways forward in reconfiguring the global trading system towards delivering a more sustainable and healthy diet for all.
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Analysis of United States and Australian agriculture – a comparison

This report compares the Australian and U.S agricultural sectors, and briefly profiles U.S agricultural policy, to highlight Australia’s exposure to shifts in the global market resulting from the current trade war.