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Preventing agriculture driven deforestation and conversion of natural ecosystems

This paper outlines strategies for stopping deforestation (and other forms of ecosystem conversion) in vulnerable tropical regions. These include our commitment to centre sustainable livelihood opportunities and human rights through bottom-up approaches that support rural communities as ecosystem stewards.
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Fact Check: Is Queensland clearing land as fast as Brazil?

The Queensland Greens' website claims land clearing in Queensland is on par with Brazil, with more than 1 million hectares of native bush and forest being cleared over the last four years
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Fact Check: Are five MCGs of native forest being logged in Victoria every day?

Environmentalists frequently talk about logging in terms of how many "football fields" or "soccer pitches" are felled. But in the lead up to the 2018 Victorian state election, the Greens released a policy paper that measured logging in a slightly differen

The possum or the timber industry

Victoria's state emblem, the Leadbeater's possum, is one of the most critically endangered animals in Australia. Fire and logging have decimated its habitat, causing Leadbeater's numbers to plummet. A fierce and secretive political debate is now raging over whether the possum and the industry can...

Blood timber: how Europe helped fund war in the Central African Republic

This investigation reveals how logging companies have paid millions of euros into the hands of rebels guilty of mass murder, kidnappings, rapes and the forced recruitment of child soldiers.
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Researching illegal logging and deforestation

Tropical deforestation such as in the Amazon can be studied well from a green criminological perspective, argues this paper, giving an account of various ethnographic visits to the rainforests of the Amazon in the period 2003-2014. Abstract
Discussion paper

Following the proceeds of illegal logging in Indonesia

Given that law enforcement activities against illegal logging appear not to have had a significant deterrent effect to date, the paper examines the possibility of using anti-money laundering approaches that already exist in Indonesia and neighbouring countries (Hong Kong, Singapore and Malaysia) to target both...
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Labor and the WA environment 2001-2008

This paper reviews the achievements and failures of the State Labor Government of Western Australia in addressing environmental issues over their period in office from 2001-2008.