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Australian Aboriginal techniques for memorization: translation into a medical and allied health education setting

It is clear from these studies that students in the medical and allied health professions expect that memorization will play a substantial role in their training, and they are receptive to learning techniques that can improve memory tasks. The students sampled in this work viewed...

Professional development training for regulators

This report presents analysis from an environmental scan which explored the types of training and professional development opportunities that are available for regulators in Australia and New Zealand.

ASQA regulatory strategy 2020-22

This regulatory strategy has been developed in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic. ASQA has taken account of the pressures the pandemic has placed on the vocational education and training sector, including the financial impact on providers.
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Fact Check: Christopher Pyne exaggerates trade training centre rollout figures

Opposition education spokesman Christopher Pyne claims the Government has built only 230 trade training centres of the 2,650 promised by Kevin Rudd in 2007.
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Alberta Learning Factory for training reconfigurable assembly process value stream mapping

The Alberta learning Factory (AllFactory) is a step towards the creation of an experiential and project-based learning environment, where students are trained in cross-disciplinary project management.

If Australian police officers are allowed to shoot to kill, they should be better trained

Firearm deaths occur in heated situations because police carry guns as standard issue. This article explores the imperatives for firearm training for Australian police officers.

Liveability real estate framework training and professional development – final report

This project, RP3039, sought to adapt the existing Liveability Real Estate Framework to develop an online “real estate knowledge” handbook for ‘moderators’ of the website developed in CRCLCL project RP3029e1 and an online Liveability Real Estate Specialist training course suitable for TAFE Sydney Students studying...

Skills, training and lifelong learning

This is the first report from 'Brave New Work', a 3-year initiative focused on the changing nature of work and its implications for Canadians. It considers the training landscape, looking at Canada's strengths and weaknesses and reviewing training models from around the world.

Report on government services 2018: Child care, education and training - Chapter 5 Vocational education and training

Key facts: The Australian, State and Territory governments’ recurrent expenditure (including user cost of capital) on VET totalled $5.8 billion in 2016 – a real decrease of 6.7 per cent from 2015. Nationally in 2016:

A portable training entitlement system for the disability support services sector

A new proposal for a portable training system for disability support workers under the NDIS would help to ensure the program achieves its goal of delivering high-quality, individualised services to people with disabilities. The proposal is developed in this report from the Centre for Future...
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Education and training requirements for financial advisers: background paper 6 (Part B)

This background paper explains both the current education and training requirements for financial advisers or financial planners and the key aspects of recent reforms in this area. This paper has been prepared using publicly available information.

Building ethical capability for accounting professionals: a needs analysis study

The purpose of this project is to identify ethical capability needs of Australian accounting professionals and produce policy recommendations that can inform future measures to improve ethical behaviours and culture in the profession, as well as the design of an ethical capability building program.
Discussion paper

Addressing issues relating to unduly short courses: discussion paper

This discussion paper seeks stakeholder views on reform options to address issues relating to unduly short courses in vocational education and training.

A review of issues relating to unduly short training

The long-term quality of Australia’s vocational education and training (VET) sector is at risk unless the issue of unduly short training is definitively addressed, this report has found.

Teaching for global competence in a rapidly changing world

This publication sets forward a new framework for global competence developed by OECD, which aligns closely with the definition developed by the Asia Society's Center for Global Education, and provides practical guidance and examples of how educators can embed global competence into their existing curriculum...
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An Australian hospital's training program and referral pathway within a multi-disciplinary health–justice partnership addressing family violence

This paper reports on a multifaceted response to build capacity and willingness of health professionals to identify signs of family violence and engage with referral pathways to on-site legal assistance

Review of the contract for the In-Country Management of the New Zealand Development Scholarship and Short-Term Training Award schemes in PNG

This report provides an assessment of the first-year performance of GRM International Pty Ltd, the organisation contracted by NZAID to manage the pre-award processes of two NZAID scholarships schemes in Papua New Guinea (PNG): the New Zealand Development Scholarships scheme in the Public category (NZDS-Public)...

Evaluation of the NZAID/Tonga Graduate Diploma in Public Sector Management courses

In 1997, the Government of Tonga (GOT) concluded that staff at senior levels in the Tonga civil service lacked appropriate management skills and competencies required for effective and efficient performance. GOT identified the Massey University Institute of Executive Development’s Diploma in Public Sector Management (Dip...

Tonga: In country training review

The New Zealand Government has provided assistance for an In-Country Training (ICT) programme since 1994. The programme aims to “assist the Tongan Government to provide quality, relevant and timely short-term training in Tonga that meets their priorities and NZAID policy guidelines. The programme is currently...

Solomon Island School of Education’s Certificate in Teaching for Teachers in Training Programme

Primarily, the evaluation aimed to assess whether the TIT had improved teacher practice and competency, and to identify lessons learnt for future teacher training in Solomon Islands. By identifying discernible changes in teacher behaviour, before and after teachers undertook the course, the evaluation focused on...