ASQA regulatory strategy 2020-22

This regulatory strategy has been developed in the context of the COVID-19 pandemic. ASQA has taken account of the pressures the pandemic has placed on the vocational education and training sector, including the financial impact on providers.
Fact sheet

Fact Check: Christopher Pyne exaggerates trade training centre rollout figures

Opposition education spokesman Christopher Pyne claims the Government has built only 230 trade training centres of the 2,650 promised by Kevin Rudd in 2007.
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Alberta Learning Factory for training reconfigurable assembly process value stream mapping

The University of Alberta is currently coping with the training and learning needs of the rapidly increasing number of manufacturing companies across Alberta. The current shift towards industry 4.0 further requires learning with reconfigurable systems. The Alberta learning Factory (AllFactory) is a step towards the...

If Australian police officers are allowed to shoot to kill, they should be better trained

Firearm deaths occur in heated situations because police carry guns as standard issue. This article explores the imperatives for firearm training for Australian police officers.

Liveability real estate framework training and professional development – final report

This project, RP3039, sought to adapt the existing Liveability Real Estate Framework to develop an online “real estate knowledge” handbook for ‘moderators’ of the website developed in CRCLCL project RP3029e1 and an online Liveability Real Estate Specialist training course suitable for TAFE Sydney Students studying...

Skills, training and lifelong learning

This is the first report from 'Brave New Work', a 3-year initiative focused on the changing nature of work and its implications for Canadians. It considers the training landscape, looking at Canada's strengths and weaknesses and reviewing training models from around the world.

Report on government services 2018: Child care, education and training - Chapter 5 Vocational education and training

Key facts: The Australian, State and Territory governments’ recurrent expenditure (including user cost of capital) on VET totalled $5.8 billion in 2016 – a real decrease of 6.7 per cent from 2015. Nationally in 2016:

Quality teaching and teacher education: a kaleidoscope of notions

Teacher educators aim to devise programs and experiences with the goal of educating teachers whose knowledge, skills, and habits of mind will intermingle to create pleasing patterns of practice called quality teaching. For generations, the kaleidoscope has captivated children and adults alike. The kaleidoscope viewer...

A portable training entitlement system for the disability support services sector

A new proposal for a portable training system for disability support workers under the NDIS would help to ensure the program achieves its goal of delivering high-quality, individualised services to people with disabilities. The proposal is developed in this report from the Centre for Future...
Briefing paper

Education and training requirements for financial advisers: background paper 6 (Part B)

This background paper explains both the current education and training requirements for financial advisers or financial planners and the key aspects of recent reforms in this area. This paper has been prepared using publicly available information.