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Freight transport

Moving to zero: accelerating the transition to zero-emissions transport

This publication is Australia’s first comprehensive guide to reaching zero emissions in the transportation sector. It draws from an extensive survey of over 300 reports, research papers, news articles and transport policy documents, which where were collated over nine months.
Working paper

Green freight 2020

The Ministry of Transport has produced this working paper to provide the government with a range of options to support greater uptake of alternative green fuels in the road freight industry. This is part of the Ministry’s wider programme of work to reduce greenhouse gas...

Freight outcomes from regional rail upgrades

This audit examines whether regional rail upgrades are improving rural freight outcomes in a timely and cost-efficient way.

National rail action plan

This plan is an agreed set of actions that will be undertaken by the Commonwealth, state and territory governments and key members of the rail industry.
Draft report

The draft New Zealand rail plan

This draft plan outlines the New Zealand Government’s vision and priorities for rail. The long-term vision is for New Zealand’s national rail network to provide modern transit systems in the largest cities, and to enable increasing volumes of freight to be moved off the roads...

Biofuels and transport: an Australian opportunity

This report canvasses the potential development of an Australian biofuel industry, outlining policies that have been central to the successful development of the sector in other markets.
Draft report

National transport regulatory reform: draft report

Reform in the transport sector has been disappointingly slow and has not delivered the expected productivity gains, according to this Productivity Commission draft report. The report suggests that moving to national regulation should be seen as one practical step towards improving safety and productivity.

National freight and supply chain strategy: national action plan

This action plan sits alongside the Freight Plan Strategy and details key actions to be delivered by government to achieve goals of the Strategy. The plan will be informed by priorities identified in Commonwealth, state and territory freight plans and policies.

National freight and supply chain strategy

This document sets an agenda for coordinated and well-planned government and industry action across all freight modes over the next 20 years and beyond. It sets a national vision for freight systems and supply chains to contribute to a strong and prosperous Australia.
Discussion paper

National transport regulatory reform: issues paper

The Productivity Commission has been asked to complete this inquiry by April 2020, and to consult with stakeholders, including transport operators, drivers, industry groups, end users and State, Territory and local governments. This issues paper outlines a range of issues and questions on which the...