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Freight transport

Draft report

Draft Queensland transport strategy

The 30-year vision detailed in this draft strategy shows how the Queensland government plans to harness emerging transport trends to continue to move people and products safely and efficiently into the future.
Briefing paper

Last mile freight: critical policy brief

This briefing draws upon the expertise of RMIT’s transport research community to inform policy makers and the wider community on critical challenges facing Victoria’s freight sector.
Discussion paper

Business case program for location-specific heavy vehicle charging trials: proposal information kit

The Business Case Program for Location-Specific Heavy Vehicle Charging Trials has opened and is seeking industry-driven proposals on how best to trial a system designed to fund upgrades to the road freight network and elimate pinch points.

Review of regulatory telematics

The National Transport Commission (NTC) is set to work with industry to design a best-practice model for regulatory telematics in heavy vehicles to improve safety, productivity and compliance.
Policy report

The shared-use city: managing the curb

This report discusses how to manage growing competition for curb access in cities. The rise of ride services and the growth in urban goods delivery are challenging traditional ways of managing curb space. We describe how curb use is changing, how our capacity to monitor...

Inquiry into national freight and supply chain priorities: final report

This inquiry examined import-export supply chains, inter/intra state supply chains, urban supply chains and supply chain integration, which included resource and agricultural freight and regional and remote freight.

National transport and logistics industry health and wellbeing study: report 1

Transport workers are up to five times more likely to be injured at work than any other Australian worker, according to this research. Train drivers, in particular, are thirty times more likely to develop a mental health condition than any other worker.

Fixing freight: establishing freight performance in Australia

The lack of clarity about the nature and scale of the challenges faced in the freight sector is why this report's key recommendation is for the Commonwealth to establish an independent statutory body, with the mandate, structure and resources to close the data gap.

Westport: what you have told us

The Westport Taskforce has released this consultation report, which outlines the community feedback received during the first round of consultation on the development of the Westport Ports and Environs Strategy.

Research activities on rural roads

AgriFutures Australia was pleased to partner with the University of New England to conduct this research, which examines alternative approaches to cost-benefit analysis of improved quality for rural roads.
Discussion paper

Westport: preparing for the strategy

This paper sets the scene for the Westport Strategy.
Draft report

NSW draft freight and ports plan

This draft plan outlines proposed investments in road and rail infrastructure and new technologies to meet manage increasing movement of goods.
Fact sheet

Freight rates in Australia

Freight rates are a key factor influencing freight mode choice and the costs of freight-reliant business sectors, such as mining, construction, and the retail and wholesale trades. As such, they affect the profitability of Australian industry. This Information Sheet presents an estimate of interstate freight...

TraNSIT: Unlocking options for efficient logistics infrastructure in Australian agriculture

CSIRO developed the Transport Network Strategic Investment Tool (TraNSIT) to provide a comprehensive view of transport logistics costs and benefits due to infrastructure investments and policy changes in agriculture supply chains in Australia.
Discussion paper

Second container port advice - evidence base discussion paper

This discussion paper provides an overview of the evidence Infrastructure Victoria will consider in developing its advice to the Special Minister of State on when and where the Government should invest in new container port capacity for the State. This is not our advice to...
Discussion paper

Preparing advice on Victoria's future ports capacity

The Special Minister of State has asked Infrastructure Victoria to provide advice on the future capacity of Victoria’s commercial ports. This paper sets out the scope of our advice, and how we plan to prepare it. In particular, in line with the Minister’s request, we...

National policy framework for land transport technology

Transport technology (both internationally and in Australia) is changing rapidly, bringing with it many potential benefits for our transport networks. These benefits include improved transport productivity, more efficient use of existing infrastructure, reduced congestion and avoided deaths and injuries. Governments, industry and research institutions are...
Journal article

Health initiatives to target obesity in surface transport industries: review and implications for action

Lifestyle-related chronic diseases pose a considerable burden to the individual and the wider society, with correspondingly negative effects on industry. Obesity is a particular problem for the Australasian road and rail industries where it is associated with specific cardiac and fatigue-related safety risks, and levels...

NSW rail freight transport and infrastructure

This briefing paper summarises the 2015 New South Wales freight task, and the administrative, industrial and legal framework that underpins its operations. Overview The NSW freight network is an extensive series of rail lines, roads, ports, airports, and intermodal terminals. In 2011, the NSW freight...