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Fact Check Fact File: How do viruses get their names? From Spanish flu to COVID-19

In just a few short weeks, COVID-19 became part of the global lexicon, uttered daily in tones of dread and as shorthand for the pandemic now afflicting the world. But how was its name derived; likewise, the names of other fatal viruses?
Fact sheet

Fact Check Fact File: Explore the major epidemics and pandemics of the last century and beyond

COVID-19 captured humanity's attention in 2020, but epidemics and pandemics have always been with us. Here's a potted summary of the major epidemics and pandemics of the past century and beyond.

Epidemics and pandemics in Victoria: historical perspectives

This research paper examines the history of epidemics and pandemics in Victoria over the past 200 years. Focusing on the political, social and cultural impacts and legacies of these health crises, it considers what lessons they may, or may not, offer in helping comprehend the...

Australia's export exposure to China's coronavirus epidemic

This paper estimates the direct and immediate effects of the coronavirus epidemic on the revenues of Australia’s major export industries. It breaks down Australia’s exports to China across 18 major industry groups, including both goods and services exports.
Briefing paper

Can digital health help stop the next epidemic?

This paper recommends a focused five-year U.S. initiative to pilot replicable models for scaling digital health within epidemic preparedness and response efforts in two to three partner countries.

WHO report on the global tobacco epidemic 2019: offer help to quit tobacco use

This report tracks the status of the tobacco epidemic and interventions to combat it, ranging from graphic pack warnings and advertising bans to no smoking areas.
Journal article

Towards public health surveillance of intensive care services in NSW, Australia

This paper concludes that the new intensive care clinical information systems offer a largely untapped resource for continuous, mainstream, rapid ICU surveillance of severe illness. A continuous, mainstream, rapid ICU surveillance facility that will readily adapt to emergency situations would be a valuable resource for...

Health of people, places and planet

This book discusses five major public health domains to which Tony McMichael, a major public health figure, made major contributions: occupational health and safety; environmental and social epidemiology; nutrition and food systems; climate change and health; and ecosystem change and infectious disease. Overview

Investment, inclusiveness, implementation, and health governance

This issue of the G20 Monitor examines the three priority ‘i’s of the 2015 Turkish Presidency: inclusiveness, implementation, and investment. It explores the basis for the ‘i’s, assesses progress made on the priorities to date, and suggests policies the G20 can pursue for each priority...

The influence of childhood circumstances on adult health

Early childhood is acknowledged as the most crucial developmental period in a person’s life; it creates a foundation for the later years and offers a critical opportunity to establish good health and learning outcomes for a lifetime. As part of our broader focus on chronic...