Australian drone technology assisting a significant step in crop tolerance to heat and drought stress

Unmanned aerial survey drones equipped with sensors are increasingly being used by corporate farmers, agronomists, biologists, and environmental ecologists to make important production decisions.

Vulnerability of Pacific agriculture and forestry to climate change

This book identifies a range of potential response measures that could be implemented to significantly reduce exposure to climate related risks and enable the Pacific Community to better cope with emerging impacts.
Technical report

Estimating crop yields: a brief guide

In this agricultural note, a simple method to estimate the yield of a range of field crops for use by farmers and agribusiness is outlined.
Technical report

Effect of frost on cereal grain crops

Loss of wheat production due to frost damage is not common in Victoria. However, while the total loss is rarely great, individual growers can suffer heavy losses in some years. The factors exposing crops to loss are discussed along with tips to minimise the potential...
Technical report

Growing wheat

Wheat is the most important cereal grain in world commerce. The framework for all winter crop production in Victoria, Australia, is based on the principles and practice of successful wheat farming. This Agriculture Note gives an overview of those principles.