Sustainable development

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Net positive development

Developing and implementing an approach to regional innovation and development in Gippsland, Victoria (2018-2020)

The rationale for this project was to explore a novel approach to regional development in Australia, based on an approach developed by the European Union.

Collaborative climate change reporting

This project aims to develop an environmental sustainability reporting program to assist the six partner Council’s in reporting against environmental sustainability strategies, plans and investments.

Community facilities energy audit

This project is designed to build resilience within the community and ensure the ongoing survival of local clubs and committees. Through identifying the community facilities to audit and make more sustainable, this will lead to improved community awareness of better environmental design and practice. The...
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Modern structure of the higher architectural and construction education

The analysis of higher education in the sphere of sustainable development shows that there is a need to include the concept of sustainable and practical design thinking at all levels. Starting from ideological level (stability as conceptual and ethical justification of architecture), methodological level (the...
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Critical success factors for corporate social responsibility adoption in the construction industry in Malaysia

In the construction industry, corporate social responsibility (CSR) is increasingly valued as a strategic tool for business sustainable development and for addressing ethical issues. However, understanding the concept of CSR in the construction industry, and how to practice it, is limited. This study aims to...

Internet of waste: how Europe can make the internet green

Within a few short decades, the internet has become an indispensable part of our lives, powering business and trade, accelerating research and innovation and keeping us connected during times of crisis. The internet’s environmental impact is increasing at a staggering rate and it is time...
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Lean and sustainable construction: a systematic critical review of 25 Years of IGLC research

A growing body of knowledge has been emerging from the International Group for Lean Construction (IGLC) community, in relation to synergies between Lean Construction (LC) and Sustainability. The purpose of this study, therefore, is to critically review the progress made towards integrating LC and Sustainable...

The rule of law and sustainable development

Rule of law is widely recognised as essential to governance and sustainable development, but is complex to define. This new report examines how trends in development policy have shaped global support for the rule of law and explores how to enhance its impact on development.

Just transition concepts and relevance for climate action: a preliminary framework

This paper seeks to explain the just transitions concept, including  its origins and  relevance. It offers  a preliminary framework to describe the range of definitions among stakeholders and their underlying perspectives.
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Australia’s energy future and the recovery from COVID-19

For Australia, no areas of policy are more central to our economic future and place in the world than energy and climate change. This paper argues that a renewable energy powered recovery can create a brighter future for all Australians, and ensure we play our...