Wind power

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Wind farms
Report collection

Australian electricity options

In this series of publications, the authors provide short overviews of five main sources of electricity, and one of the main storage options. Each paper briefly explains the relevant technologies and international trends, and some of the opportunities and constraints that apply to their use...
Fact sheet

Fact Check: Does infrasound from wind farms make people sick?

Liberal Democrats senator David Leyonhjelm claims the low frequency sound of wind farms "cause adverse health impacts".

Clean energy Australia report 2020

This report covers the latest key figures and statistics on the national energy market across Australia. It is the only analysis that includes the National Electricity Market, the Western Australian electricity grid and other major regional grids across the country in areas such as the...

Wind generation stack update

This report includes an updated wind generation stack, an assessment of the potential for offshore wind in New Zealand, and the potential trend of technology costs.

The health of the National Electricity Market 2019

This annual report is an assessment of how the National Electricity Market (NEM) is functioning and where improvement is required. This report outlines how the transformation of the NEM has progressed at a remarkable pace and scale. Utility scale wind and solar PV continued its...

Putting the ‘justice’ in ‘just transition’: tackling inequality in the new renewable economy focuses

In this report, unions from the maritime, energy and manufacturing sectors outline a series of steps to not only encourage the use of offshore wind to reduce carbon emissions, but take advantage of the emerging industry to diversify the job opportunities for workers and communities...

Recommended practises for wind and PV integration studies

This Expert Group Report provides recommendations on how to perform studies of wind and solar PV integration. It is based on more than 10 years of work within the International Energy Agency Wind Technology Collaboration Programme (IEA Wind TCP) Task 25: Design and Operation of...
Journal article

Who owns an energy transition? Strategic action fields and community wind energy in Denmark

This paper investigates the development of, and changes in, the field of community renewable energy in Denmark since it commenced in the late 1970s. The focus is on community wind projects.

The coal cost crossover: economic viability of existing coal compared to new local wind and solar resources

America has entered the “coal cost crossover” where existing coal is more expensive than cleaner alternatives. This report shows that today, local wind and solar could replace 74 percent of the U.S. coal fleet at an immediate savings to customers. By 2025, this number grows...
Technical report

Results of IEA Wind TCP workshop on a Grand Vision for Wind Energy technology

The energy sector is undergoing a paradigm shift. By 2050, many predictions identify a future electric grid system in which renewables make up a significant share (30% or more) of overall electricity generation. In the fall of 2017, wind energy experts from around the world...