Family mediation



Family law for the future – an inquiry into the family law system: final report

This report makes 60 recommendations for reform, including that the resolution of family law disputes be returned to the states and territories and that the federal family courts eventually be abolished.
Discussion paper

Review of the family law system: issues paper

This issues paper is intended to encourage informed community participation by providing some background information and highlighting the issues so far identified by the ALRC as relevant to the areas listed in the Terms of Reference.

Families with complex needs and the intersection of the family law and child protection systems: final report

This is the final report to the Attorney-General on the issue of families with complex needs and the family law and child protection systems. It concentrates on opportunities to enhance collaboration and information sharing within the family law system as well as other support services...
Journal article

'I’d just lose it if there was any more stress in my life': separated fathers, fathers’ rights and the news media

Custody abductions and filicides-suicides are not every day occurrences and typically become ‘media events’. Through an analysis of newspaper representations of two custody abductions and one filicide-suicide, this article examines the role played by fathers’ rights discourse in the construction of the separated father in...

Family law court filings 2004-05 to 2012-13

This report sheds light on the impact on court filings of the 2006 reforms that encouraged greater use of non-court based mechanisms for resolving parenting disputes and the 2009 reforms that brought post-separation property division laws and processes for de facto couples into line with...

Children beyond dispute

This four year follow-up study assesses outcomes from post-separation family dispute resolution. It compares outcomes for two groups of separated parents who attended mediation over parenting disputes and engaged either in Child Focused mediation or in Child Inclusive mediation.