Decentralization in government


Is decentralisation worth the effort and cost?

There's been a long and chequered history of decentralisation in Australia—indeed it goes back at least as far as 50 years, with Gough Whitlam campaigning on the issue back in 1966. The push to move our workforces out of the cities and to the bush...
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Decentralisation: does the New Zealand local government system measure up?

Decentralisation continues to be well received as a strategy for improving the governance of countries and delivering more responsive and efficient services. Cheerleaders include multilateral agencies like the World Bank and developed countries, like England, which seek to reverse years of centralisation. Evaluating the effectiveness...

Community-level governance

Community-level governance is a focus in much of the public sector reform occurring in the world at the moment. Interest in this topic stems from two major sources. The first is the desire to strengthen citizen engagement in local government, while the second is the...

A Federation for our future: reform of the Federation White Paper issues paper 1

This paper outlines key issues to consider for reforming Australia's Federation. Objectives The Commonwealth Government has committed to produce, working with the States and Territories, a White Paper on the Reform of the Federation. The White Paper will seek to clarify roles and responsibilities to...