Social relations

Briefing paper

Review refresh: places, spaces and social connections

This briefing paper explains the research behind the What Works Centre for Wellbeing's recent refresh of a review examining the changes made to community places and spaces that are designed to boost social relations and individual and community wellbeing.
Technical report

Systematic review of community infrastructure (place and space) to boost social relations and community wellbeing: five year refresh

Other authors
Rebecca Jones, Andy Pennington, Jane South, Rhiannon Corcoran
The research outlined in this report was conducted by Leeds Beckett University and the University of Liverpool during 2022, in response to a brief from What Works Centre for Wellbeing. The report explores the extent to which we can better identify what works in changing...
Discussion paper

A symbiotic relationship between journalists and bloggers

Journalists and bloggers have formed a relationship based not just on conflict and competition, but also on co-dependency, according to this paper. They battle one another, but they also have influenced each other's approaches to their shared task of news and information dissemination.

Urban environments and health: identifying key relationships and policy imperatives

This Research Monograph investigates the relationship between urban environments and health. The project examines the empirical evidence for relationships between urban environments and health outcomes, focusing on three specific aspects of the urban environment: urban form, transport systems and the location of health services. The...

How tagging changes people's relationship to information and each other

Just as the internet allows users to create and share their own media, it is also enabling them to organise digital material their own way, rather than relying on pre-existing formats of classifying information. This report finds that 28 per cent of internet users have...

Life satisfaction of young Australians: relationships between further education, training and employment and general and career satisfaction

Young Australians are highly satisfied with their life and careers, according to Kylie Hillman and Julie McMillan. A study of over 6000 young people explored how their self-reported life satisfaction is related to educational activities and various labour market outcomes during the early post-school years...

Royal Commission on Human Relationships

This controversial Royal Commission from the 1970s found that many Australian families were failing to protect their most valuable members, and helped change the shape of public discussion around families, gender and sexuality.