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New Delhi looks (south)-east: India-New Zealand relationship evolving into Indo-Pacific strategic partnership

As India shifts its strategic orientation from being primarily a continental power to a maritime one, in a move that will help to establish its credentials as a great power in the Indo-Pacific region, New Zealand is keen to deepen relations with a fellow democracy...

Revisiting the relationship between targeting and program performance

An important public policy question is whether improved targeting of public spending will necessarily result in more or more cost-effective poverty reduction. In an important and influential study, Ravallion (2009) shows that targeting measures perform poorly as indicators of the poverty impact and cost effectiveness...

The relationship between transport and disadvantage in Australia

This resource sheet provides information about how transport and disadvantage intersect and why some groups are especially vulnerable to transport disadvantage. Transport difficulties are consistently identified as a factor that restricts Australian families' capacity to access services and participate in activies (Carbone, Fraser, Ramburuth, &...

Growing and Developing Healthy Relationships (GDHR) impact evaluation: final report

An independent Impact Evaluation of the Growing and Developing Healthy Relationships (GDHR) website ( was undertaken by John Scougall Consulting Services in 2016 with the support of an expert cross-agency reference group. The impact evaluation had two objectives: to assess how well the GDHR online...

Growing and developing healthy relationships

Growing and Developing Health Relationships (GDHR) is a long-standing project funded by the Western Australian Department of Health designed to support and assist Western Australian (WA) teachers, school nurses and schools to provide comprehensive relationships and sexual health education.
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The initiation and progression of late-life romantic relationships

This research explores the initiation and progression of new late-life romantic relationships among older Australians (60 years plus). Our research found that older adult romantic relationships were meaningful, important and sexually intimate. However, few led to cohabitation or marriage, with these older adults preferring to...
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Sex after 60: what do we need to know?

Even after a lifetime of experience, there are still questions that need to be asked about the sexual health and practices of older people. Dr Bianca Fileborn is asking those questions. She is an instigator of a first-of-its-kind study called Sex, Age and Me: A...

Relationship education and counselling: recent research findings

This paper reviews the research on relationship education and relationship counselling. The paper investigates the effectiveness of these strategies in working with couples who are at varying stages of their relationship - from highly satisfied at the beginning of their relationship, to highly distressed and...

Not so private lives

Not So Private Lives is the first national study to examine same-sex attracted Australians’ preferences for various forms of relationship recognition since the introduction of de facto status for same-sex couples at a federal level. It is also the first major study to investigate preferences...

Online dating and mating: the use of the internet to meet sexual partners

Australia has experienced high growth in internet usage and online dating (OD) in recent years. OD is used for seeking romantic and sexual partners. Australia has also recently experienced increases in the incidence and prevalence of some sexually transmissible infections (STIs). Risk factors for STIs...