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Interpersonal relations

Conference paper

Collaboration barometer – development of a tool for measuring collaboration during design and construction

Starting with the basics on collaboration, this paper describes the development of a tool called "Collaboration Barometer", which can be used to measure the degree of collaboration between the participants in a construction project and shows how the results are processed and what benefits are...

Growing and Developing Healthy Relationships (GDHR) impact evaluation: final report

An independent Impact Evaluation of the Growing and Developing Healthy Relationships (GDHR) website (www.gdhr.wa.gov.au) was undertaken by John Scougall Consulting Services in 2016 with the support of an expert cross-agency reference group. The impact evaluation had two objectives: to assess how well the GDHR online...

Relationship education and counselling: recent research findings

This paper reviews the research on relationship education and relationship counselling. The paper investigates the effectiveness of these strategies in working with couples who are at varying stages of their relationship - from highly satisfied at the beginning of their relationship, to highly distressed and...

Property and financial matters upon the breakdown of de facto relationships

Summary: Reforms introduced in 2009 to the Family Law Act 1975 (Cth) have meant that most samesex and opposite-sex de facto couples (in all states and territories except Western Australia) who end their relationships can now have their property and financial matters dealt with in...

Lasting couple relationships: recent research findings

This paper reviews recent research findings into couples in long-term relationships (married and de facto) that provide insight into the couple relationship over time. This paper addresses aspects of couple relationships such as commitment, personality traits, transitioning to parenthood, health, and relationship satisfaction. The aim...

Healthy relationships? Survey report: not-for-profit community sector’s engagement with NSW Medicare Locals

This report presents the findings of a survey intended to develop an evidence base about the extent and nature of Medicare Locals' engagement and collaboration with the community sector.

Transnational challenges and future security cooperation: the Australia-Canada relationship

This is the second in a series of three papers commissioned for a project that ASPI has been jointly running with Canada’s Centre for International Governance Innovation (CIGI). The project explores the rationale for and possible mechanisms of closer Australia–Canada defence and security cooperation in...

Offline relationships, distance, and the Internet: the geography of crowdfunding

The internet facilitates instant and inexpensive communication across large distances. Perhaps the most striking feature of online 'crowdfunding' is the broad geographic dispersion of investors in small, early-stage projects. This contrasts with existing theories that predict entrepreneurs and investors will be co-located due to distance-sensitive...

Revisiting the relationship between targeting and program performance

An important public policy question is whether improved targeting of public spending will necessarily result in more or more cost-effective poverty reduction. In an important and influential study, Ravallion (2009) shows that targeting measures perform poorly as indicators of the poverty impact and cost effectiveness...
Discussion paper

Revisiting the relationship between targeting and program performance

This paper examines whether improved targeting of public spending will necessarily result in more or more cost‐effective poverty reduction. In an important and influential study, Ravallion shows that targeting measures perform poorly as indicators of the poverty impact and cost-effectiveness of an urban cash transfer...

The relationship between transport and disadvantage in Australia

This resource sheet provides information about how transport and disadvantage intersect and why some groups are especially vulnerable to transport disadvantage. Transport difficulties are consistently identified as a factor that restricts Australian families' capacity to access services and participate in activies (Carbone, Fraser, Ramburuth, &...

The relationship between police arrests and correctional workload

Aim: To estimate the impact of a 10 per cent increase in arrests on (a) the number of male and female offenders sentenced to full-time prison terms (FTP) and (b) the number of offenders given community-based supervised orders (SO). Method: Three pairs of time series...

The relationship between crime and gaming expenditure in Victoria

This study investigates the relationship between gaming expenditure and crime in Victoria, especially income-generating crimes like theft, fraud, break and enter, forgery, false pretences, larceny and robbery. This research involved an extensive literature review and developed complex databases to model the relationship between crime and...

Not so private lives

Not So Private Lives is the first national study to examine same-sex attracted Australians’ preferences for various forms of relationship recognition since the introduction of de facto status for same-sex couples at a federal level. It is also the first major study to investigate preferences...

Workforce issues across the family relationship services sector

Service quality and effectiveness in all community services depend on having a stable, capable and sustainable workforce, and family relationship services are no exception. Workforce quality and stability are essential if these services are to continue to meet the complex relationship services needs of families...

Australia's foreign investment relationship with partner countries

What are the trends in Australia's share of the global foreign direct investment inflows and its investment relationship with partner countries since 2001? This background note examines the data and attempts to explain the dynamic of investments in Australia.

Culturally responsive family dispute resolution in family relationship centres

This article examines aspects of post-separation services and service provision and summarises the literature related to the provision of culturally responsive family dispute resolution. "Family relationship centres (FRCs) are required to liaise and work with local communities to provide services relevant to those communities. Among...

Measuring the relationship between ICT and the environment

While the links between ICT and environmental outcomes are becoming clearer, there is no separate statistical field that links the two. Nevertheless, some data are available from official statistical sources, from analytical work and from product life cycle studies. This paper suggests a conceptual framework...

A fair-weather friend: Australia's relationship with a climate-changed Pacific

Climate change will bring significant challenges to the island nations of the Pacific. This paper examines Australia's attitudes to climate change in the region under the two most recent federal governments. The Howard Government's engagement with the region profoundly influenced understandings of Australia's role in...

Moving forward: Women's journeys after leaving an abusive relationship

This report presents findings from a literature review and qualitative research project under taken with women who have left a domestic violence relationship and staff who have experience working with these women. The research was undertaken by the Social Policy and Research team at The...