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Digital radio

Podcast trends and issues in Australia and beyond: global perspectives

The aim of the report is to examine Australians’ podcast listening habits and trends, in comparison with other countries, and to identify key industry issues.

Governance of the Special Broadcasting Service Corporation

The objective of this audit was to examine the effectiveness of the governance arrangements for the Special Broadcasting Service Corporation (SBS).

The future of voice and the implications for news

News publishers are pursuing a variety of strategies around voice, with broadcasters generally more proactive than newspapers. While some remain to be convinced about the need to invest heavily today, most believe that voice will significantly affect their business over the next decade.
Discussion paper

Digital radio multiplex transmission services in Canberra, Darwin and Hobart: consultation and position paper

On 30 October 2018, the ACCC received three new access undertakings in relation to the commencement of digital radio services in Canberra, Darwin and Hobart. This consultation paper is designed to seek stakeholders’ views on the degree to which the undertakings meet the legislative requirements...

Review of technologies for digital radio in regional Australia

A review of the relative merits of various terrestrial and satellite technologies for digital radio broadcasting services and restricted datacasting services in regional areas. Digital radio in Australia commenced in the five mainland state capital cities — Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne, Perth and Sydney—in mid-2009. Digital...

From airwaves to earbuds: lessons from Knight investments in digital audio and podcasting

Podcasting and on-demand audio are attracting new audiences, giving rise to new voices and creating new revenue sources, with public broadcasters playing a central role, according to a study by the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation released today. Yet the fast-growing podcast ecosystem...
Conference paper

Community participation in the development of digital radio: the Australian experience

This paper filters recent developments in digital radio policy and implementation through the perspectives of community radio stakeholders, obtained through interviews, to describe and analyse these constraints.

Digital radio report

In common with other industrialised countries, the radio industry in Australia is in the midst of a significant transformation. Traditional analogue radio services, broadcasting on AM and FM frequencies, remain popular and continue to attract substantial audiences and revenue. However, the analogue platform is very...
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Rapid technology developments changing newsrooms around the world

Technology is changing the way newsrooms around the world operate, with drones, virtual reality and even games all now being used to report on stories. But there's more - robots could soon be writing your news. The Associated Press in the US has employed an...

ACMA communications report 2011–12

The ACMA Communications report 2011–12 fulfils the ACMA’s statutory reporting requirements under section 105 of the Telecommunications Act 1997 to report to the Minister for Broadband, Communications and the Digital Economy on significant matters relating to the performance of carriers and carriage service providers (CSPs)...