Custody of children


Journal article

'I’d just lose it if there was any more stress in my life': separated fathers, fathers’ rights and the news media

Custody abductions and filicides-suicides are not every day occurrences and typically become ‘media events’. Through an analysis of newspaper representations of two custody abductions and one filicide-suicide, this article examines the role played by fathers’ rights discourse in the construction of the separated father in...

Foreign parents, Australian children

If a temporary migrant has a baby with an Australian, the baby is a citizen. But if the couple splits up, the foreign parent doesn't have the right to stay in Australia and stay close to their child. It's often up to the Immigration Minister...

In the child's best interests

The Family Court is one of the most controversial institutions in Australia. It’s also one of the least scrutinised. In a number of Family Court cases, where claims of child sexual abuse have been made against a father, the court has switched care from the...

A better system to protect subsequent kids of parents convicted of murder

In a well-coordinated and well-resourced child protection system, health staff, child protection workers and forensic specialists should already be collaborating to share information about children and families at risk of harm. These teams should be responding to the warnings some parents give prior to committing...

Australian children, foreign parents and the right to stay

The Abbott government’s tough stance on border protection doesn’t only apply to asylum seekers arriving by boat

Empowering Indigenous communities to prevent child abuse and neglect

In some jurisdictions of Australia, the rate of Indigenous children in foster, kinship and residential care on any one night has reached almost one in ten. This rate is almost ten times higher than non-Aboriginal children and has steadily increased over the past decade. Contrast...

Abuse and neglect: Australia’s child protection ‘crisis’

The tragic death of four-year old Chloe Valentine in South Australia has raised concerns that the state’s child protection system is in crisis. Following a history of abuse and neglect, Chloe’s mother and her partner repeatedly put Chloe on a 50-kilogram motorbike and filmed her...

Jenna Meiksans, 'Factors influencing decisions to place children in kinship care'

This presentation is about a study exploring child protection practitioner decision-making about the placement of children in out-of-home care. A brief measure, 'the child placement questionnaire' was developed. Following evaluation by experts in child protection research, policy and practice, it was piloted with 53 child...

Inquiry into child custody arrangements in the event of family separation

The Australian government recently announced a parliamentary inquiry to investigate whether a legal presumption of joint residence should become part of Australian family law - that is, if parents separate and cannot agree on arrangements for their children, the starting point should be that children...