Street-level drug law enforcement: an updated systematic review

This updated review uses the Global Policing Database (GPD) to capture evaluations of the impact of street-level law enforcement interventions on drug crime and drug-related calls-for-service. The GPD is an online searchable database designed to capture all published and unpublished experimental and quasi-experimental impact evaluations...

The rule of law and sustainable development

Rule of law is widely recognised as essential to governance and sustainable development, but is complex to define. This new report examines how trends in development policy have shaped global support for the rule of law and explores how to enhance its impact on development.
Policy report

Effectiveness of policy interventions relating to the illegal and unsustainable wildlife trade

This policy report summarises the findings of an investigation into the effectiveness of policy interventions addressing illegal and unsustainable wildlife trade, including legislative and enforcement measures, measures to influence consumer behaviour, trade policy responses and engagement of local communities.

Democracy promotion: ANZUS and the Free and Open Indo-Pacific strategy

This paper argues that democracy promotion ought to be an essential component of the Free and Open Indo-Pacific strategy — a strategy that is being promoted by the United States, Australia, Japan and, increasingly, India, albeit with national differences in approaches and emphasis.

Australia-China law enforcement cooperation

This paper outlines existing law enforcement cooperation between Australian and Chinese authorities, highlights the risks and limitations in working with China, and suggests areas where future cooperation can be enhanced.
Journal article

The case of Stern Hu: perspectives on China's ‘rule of law’

Over the last six months, Australia has been undergoing a sharp learning curve in its relations with China. This has come about courtesy of China’s detention on 5 July 2009 of Rio Tinto executive, former Chinese national, and now Australian citizen, Stern Hu, together with...
Blog post

Law enforcement access to My Health Record data

This FlagPost was originally published on 24 July 2018. It has since been amended to reference the provisions of the Privacy Act 1988 relevant to the release of health information by private medical practitioners. As an adjunct task, it has also been updated to reflect...

Operational efficiency of the Australian Commission for Law Enforcement Integrity

The objective of this audit was to examine the efficiency of the Australian Commission for Law Enforcement Integrity (ACLEI) in detecting, investigating and preventing corrupt conduct.

Domestic and family violence protection orders in Australia: an investigation of information-sharing and enforcement with a focus on interstate orders - key findings and future directions

This resource outlines key findings of the research undertaken by the Queensland Centre for Domestic and Family Violence Research, regarding the enforcement of DVPOs and the implications for policy and practice, including implications for the impending National Domestic Violence Order Scheme.

Police detainee perspectives on police body-worn cameras

Findings in this report suggest that police detainees in Australia are largely supportive of the use of police body-worn cameras (BWCs), but this was predicated on a number of operational and procedural requirements.