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Fact Check Fact File: Some Coalition MPs say that arson is mostly to blame for the bushfire crisis. Here are the facts

Social media is rife with claims that unprecedented levels of arson, not climate change, is the main cause of this season's bushfires. But what does the data show?
Fact sheet

Fact Check Analysis: Peter Dutton says 250 have been charged with arson. But the data tells a different story

Minister for Home Affairs Peter Dutton says a spike in arson offences was to blame for this season's devastating bushfires. But there is no evidence to show arson was even moderately responsible.

Community attitudes towards reporting bushfire arson to Crime Stoppers in Victoria, 2012 – 2015: Have patterns changed? Fifth report to Crime Stoppers

This longitudinal study report examines how arson may differ according to both the socio-economic characteristics of regions and the personal experience of crime.

Arson-associated homicide in Australia: a five year follow-up

Over the period 1989 to 2010, there were 123 incidents of arson-associated homicide, involving 170 unique victims and 131 offenders. Foreword Arson homicides are rare, representing only two percent of all homicides in Australia each year. In this study, data was collected from the AIC’s...

Preventing bushfire crime

BUSHFIRES are a fact of life in Australia, and have long been an essential part of our ecosystem. Research conducted by the Australian Institute of Criminology shows that, of the 20,000 to 30,000 vegetation fires experienced in Australia each year, about half are deliberately lit...

Juvenile arson intervention programs in Australia

An important strategy for preventing deliberate firesetting is intervention with young people who show an unhealthy interest in fire and fire services. All Australian jurisdictions conduct juvenile arson intervention programs for such young people. This report examines the models for programs and calls for their...