Restorative justice



The use of restorative justice in family violence cases with a focus on the possibility of victims being coerced or controlled to participate by the persons who harmed them

This report explores the risk of victims being coerced or controlled by perpetrators through restorative justice processes in cases involving family violence.

Community-based approaches to sexual offender reintegration

This research aims to contribute towards building an evidence base about community-based reintegration programs in order to inform the development and operation of community-based reintegration programs for sexual offenders, and thus to enhance community safety.

Turuki! Turuki! Move together: transforming our criminal justice system

This report calls for a fundamental reshaping of Aotearoa New Zealand’s justice system to one which prevents harm, addresses its causes, and promotes healing and restoration among individuals and communities.

Scars of survival: gun violence and barriers to reparation in the USA

Gun violence in the USA is a human rights crisis. Over half a million people died of gunshot injuries between 2001 and 2017 and a further 1.3 million people sustained firearm-related injuries. This report focuses on the survivors of gun violence – many of whom...

Joining forces: a partnership approach to effective justice - community-driven social controls working side by side with the Magistracy of the Northern Territory

In February 2012, the author was engaged by the NT Department of Justice to undertake a review of Community Courts. This report outlines his observations and is available for the first time to the general public, courtesy of the author and the NT Attorney-General and...

Royal Commission into Family Violence: final report

The newly elected Andrews Government announced the establishment of the Royal Commission into Family Violence in December 2014. The state government also announced the appointment of Fiona Richardson as Victoria's first Prevention of Family Violence Minister.
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Landmark family violence report delivers proposals in Victoria

After a thirteen month inquiry, the findings of the Victorian Royal Commission into Family Violence will be made public today. Victorian Premier, Daniel Andrews, has promised to accept all of the report's recommendations. They're expected to cover how courts, police, community services and politicians can...

Wild dreams and realistic visions: what restorative justice could look like in the next decade

In an ideal world, restorative justice could be the "main system" for dealing with crime and the harm it causes, with traditional court systems operating "as backup", one of the world's leading scholars of restorative justice has argued. In a lecture to the Institute for...
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Restoring what? The practice, promise and perils of restorative justice in New Zealand

This article discusses the history of restorative justice globally as well as elements particular to current restorative justice practices in New Zealand.
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Justice and community safety in Western Australia: a call for efficient investment in effective outcomes

This discussion paper outlines offending and justice issues in Western Australia, and recommends a policy shift to 'justice reinvestment', an approach that aims to address the risk factors of crime, crime prevention, and adequate rehabilitation of offenders.
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A review of restorative justice responses to offending

Restorative justice has been enthusiastically embraced in many justice systems as an alternative to incarceration for young adult and Indigenous offenders. But how well does it work?

Police-referred restorative justice for juveniles in Australia

This paper provides an overview of the legislative and policy context of restorative justice practices for juveniles in each Australian state and territory.
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The republic and its impact on property rights in Sydney

This paper offers a theoretical inquiry into the institutional arrangements to enable an innovative land restitution model for Sydney within a new Republic, by vesting the superior interest in land (and buildings thereon) in the stewardship of the customary indigenous guardians (rather than the State...

ADR statistics

The document collates statistics on ADR that are routinely collected and contained in publicly available web-based or printed documents, especially published annual reports. Organisations may collect statistics that are not published and some may have conducted one off research studies or surveys. Such statistics are...