Deliberative democracy


Combined choice: a modern method of democratic decision making

This paper is part of Demos’ work to build a different kind of democracy - an everyday democracy in which people are involved in the democratic process regularly and deeply, not once every few years with an 'X' in a box.
Journal article

Democratising planetary boundaries: experts, social values and deliberative risk evaluation in Earth system governance

Since its original publication, the idea of planetary boundaries has received widespread attention from policy-makers and institutions, and has had significant policy impact, at least at a rhetorical level. This article looks at how planetary boundaries-based analysis can be compatible with democratic decision-making in earth...
Blog post

Can deliberation renew democracy in a digital world?

In an era of fake news, social media and public discussions among the like-minded, can deliberation renew democracy? Sally Hussey explains.
Working paper

Intersubjective reasoning in political deliberation

This paper advances a theory and method for evaluating political reasoning from a deliberative democratic perspective, as well as its transformative effects and outcomes.

Co-design and deliberative engagement: what works?

The report examines how co-design and deliberative engagements are rapidly changing the way governments around the world grapple with complex public policy problems.
Case study

Australia deliberates: 2001 deliberative poll

In February of 2001, Australia hosted its second national Deliberative Poll titled, Australia deliberates: reconciliation-where from here? As a social experiment, this Australian Deliberative Poll aimed to gauge the opinion of Indigenous and Non-Indigenous representatives on reconciliation. Australian reconciliation is a national cause in search...
Policy report

Reforming democracy: deciding, designing and delivering together

This policy document commits the South Australian government to explore and trial ways that build on the start already made in democratic reform. A key initiative will be four 'deliberative democracy projects' where non-government organisations or business will work with the government and the community...
Journal article

Community engagement for big epidemiology: Deliberative democracy as a tool

This paper examines the potential utility of the deliberative democracy methodology within the public health research setting.
Discussion paper

Deliberative Democracy: Participatory Sustainability for Low Carbon Living: Scoping Study

The CRC for Low Carbon Living aims to facilitate the transition of the Australian built environment to a low-greenhouse gas emissions future while maintaining industry competitiveness and improving quality of life. The transition to low carbon living will involve complex and unpredictable interactions and inter-dependencies...

10 Year financial plan 2015-2025

On Tuesday 30 June, Council unanimously endorsed the 10-Year Financial Plan and accompanying draft Asset Management Strategy to guide how Council manages its finances and assets over the next 10 years. Lord Mayor Robert Doyle said the plans were developed to make sure Melbourne remained...